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France Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Beyond the Beach: 10 Fascinating Attractions in...
Nice itself is an attraction: the rich blue-green sea, diverse shopping, splendid dining and lovely art-deco façades. But there are several spots that a tourist simply must see, such as the Cours Saleya Flower Market, the Matisse Museum, ancient Roman ruins, the Russian Cathedral and more. Find out about the top attractions in Nice, France.
Do You Need to Tip at Restaurants in France and...
Unlike in America, cafes and restaurants in Paris and the rest of France directly include a 15 percent service charge in your check. This is required by French law as tips are assessed for taxation purposes. Here is a question and answer article on tipping at restaurants, in taxis, at hotels and more.
Best Nudist Beaches and Naturist Resorts in...
France has the best smart and stylish naturist resorts. And France has the coastline and the weather. So it’s not surprising that some of the world’s most popular resorts as well as nudist beaches are in southern France. Discover France's best naked beaches and naturist resorts.
10 Myths About the French (Hint: Not Everyone...
There are plenty of stereotypes about the French: they stink, women don't shave their underarms, they are rude, they hate Americans, they all go topless at the beach. Don't be fooled by these myths and urban legends. The truth is far more interesting. Here is some myth busting a la France with this list of top myths about France and the French people.
Is Cap d'Agde the World Capital of Nudism?
Want to bank naked? Shop naked? Dine naked? Buy baguettes at a brasserie naked? Lay out on a vibrant Mediterranean beach naked? Visit Cap d'Agde, the world's capital of nudism.
France in September
The days are warm but the air is fresher, the autumnal colors are beginning to show and there’s a wonderful feel of the last of the summer. France in September is one of the year’s best months to visit for its great festivals and events. Here is a guide to what to see, what to pack and what the weather might do. France in September ticks all the right boxes.
Discount and Bargain Shopping in France
There are some great places to shop for bargains in France. Try the major outlet and discount malls dotted all round France and factory shops from manufacturers like Limoges porcelain. The brocante fairs that fill the towns and villages of France in the summer make good hunting grounds for bargains in household items, vintage clothes, while the amateur vide-greniers ('emptying the attic') can turn up gems.
Pigalle Place: Paris's Risque Red Light District
Get naughty during your next visit to Paris by visiting the notorious Pigalle Place, an epicenter of sex shops, peep shows, strip clubs and general adults-only, X-rated adventures.
Top 10 Things to Do on the French Riviera
The French Riviera on the Mediterranean Cote d'Azur coast is one of the most popular visitor destinations in France. And it's easy to see why. From the hilltop villages of Roquebrune and St-Paul-de-Vence to the casino at Monte Carlo, Nice, Antibes and the islands of Iles d'Hyeres, there's something for everybody. Here is my list of favorite attractions on the French Riviera. These are all things to do on the Cote d'Azur.
French Coffee Drinks - How to Order Coffee in a...
French cafes serve some of the world's best coffee, but each of us has our own preferences and a language barrier could prevent you from ordering the right coffee on the menu. If you can't have caffeine, this could be even more crucial. Find out how to order coffee in France, be it a cafe au lait or espresso.
Top 7 Top Travel Walking Shoes for Women
When you are traveling, odds are high you will be doing a lot of walking. Whether you plan to window shop or sightsee, a comfortable and rugged pair of travel walking shoes is crucial. It's important they be versatile, preferably so you don't need to pack multiple pairs, so they should look good and go well with any outfit. Here is a list of the top travel walking shoes for women.
Table Etiquette in France
When it comes to table etiquette in France, be sure there is nothing lost in translation. There are several differences between the French table manners and eating habits and American dinner etiquette. Here is a comparison of the table etiquette of France and the U.S.
Top Ten Attractions in Provence from the Verdon...
Discover the top ten sites in Provence from the mouth of the Rhone river to the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes that border Italy. See the Roman marvels of the area, the Pope's Palace in Avignon, and the glorious national parks, river gorges and abbeys set in peaceful fields of lavender.
Strasbourg: Where France and Germany Collide
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Top 7 Daytrips from Nice
Nice, France's second-largest tourist center and a dignified queen of the Cote d'Azur, certainly has plenty to offer the tourist. Still, this area of France is filled with wonderful hilltop perched villages, upscale resort cities, an independent principality and neighboring Alps villages. Find out the best daytrips from Nice so you can maximize your vacation time.
Top 6 French Cities You Probably Won't Visit...
Say "French city," and most people immediately think of Paris. But that's a bit like saying the only
The Best Beaches from the French Riviera...
A Guide to the Beaches of France. Where will you choose to go? The French Atlantic coast? Normandy? Brittany? Or perhaps the Mediterranean, the most popular beach destination in Europe? Check the suggestions here to choose where to swim, sail, surf or just chill out.
Top 10 Bistros in Nice
Top Ten Bistros in Nice - a visitor's guide to restaurants with traditional local and Provençal cooking
Top 6 French Wine Tours
One of the best reasons to visit France is the wine. The world's largest wine producer, France's range of wine types, flavors and tastes is as diverse as the various wine regions in France. Here is a list of the best French wine tours to taste, tour and experience French wine and sightseeing.
Vacation Packing Checklist
Consult this vacation packing checklist before your trip so you don't leave home without crucial items.
TGV Train Route Map and Destinations in France
Check the TGV route map for destinations and times to major cities in France. The TGV high-speed train serves most major cities of France. It also connects with express and local trains taking you on to all cities and towns in France, and has connections on to Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.
Saint Paul de Vence Travel Guide and City Guide
Saint Paul de Vence is a charming hilltop fortified village in Provence, filled with art galleries, boutiques and sidewalk cafes. Find out everything you need to know before visiting this beautiful village.
Hours in France
If you arrive in France, you might be coping with more than jet lag when it comes to timing. You will also discover that dining, shopping and sightseeing must bend to the French schedule. Instead of fighting it, surrender to the typical hours in France. Use this guide to ease the adjustment.
June in France - great weather and D-Day like...
June is a wonderful time to visit France. Tourist are beginning to arrive but not in large numbers. The weather is beautiful. Attractions have longer hours and as always, the French put on festivals and events for every taste. Find out more about visiting France in June.
Wearing Sneakers in France
I can’t count the number of times travelers has asked me: ‘Should I wear sneakers in Paris?’ and other variations of the same question. American tourists especially are concerned about ‘not fitting in’ with inappropriate shoes. Find out what is or isn't appropriate for travelers visiting France.
How To Use the Toilets in France
Using a toilet may sound like the simplest of tasks, but if you aren't used to France's plumbing it can be daunting. Find out what various forms the johns take here, how to flush, how much it will cost you and other secrets to using the restroom.
Top 5 Movies About D-Day
There are several movies that attempt to capture the intensity of the D-Day Invasion. Relive that day in history with these top films about D-Day.
South of France Tour
The South of France is an alluring, relaxing and beautiful place. It's an amazing mix of big cities, beach towns and hilltop villages. Here is a South of France tour itinerary to weave you through the best of the South of France.
How To Get Naked In France
France is filled with places where it is appropriate, even borderline compulsory, to get naked or go topless. One of the most indulgent pleasures in France is nudism. Find out what you need to know before you expose it all in this bare-skin-friendly country.
Weather in France - Climate of French Cities
The average temperatures in France can be quite different from city to city, with Northern French cities and mountain areas much colder than the Southern France cities along the Mediterranean. Here are the average temperatures throughout France, showing which cities are warmest or coldest. Page 2.
Top 6 Things to Do in Antibes
Guide to the top 6 things to do in Antibes from a walk through the old town to the Provencal market, from the Cap d'Antibes to Marineland and more.
Nice Markets
One of Nice's most divine pleasures is wandering the outdoor markets along the Cours Selaya. Find out the hours, details and themes for the various markets throughout Nice.
Celebrating Easter in France
Easter in France is great fun whether it is a religious occasion or a time to enjoy the feeling that spring is just around the corner. But whatever you feel, it offers wonderful chocolate treats, good food and a couple of days of relaxation. Here is a short guide to what to expect.
Cap d'Agde's Naturist Quarter
Cap d'Agde's Naturist Quarter is a nudist village unto itself, with its own grocery stores, bank, bakeries, nightclubs, yacht harbor and more. Find out how to plan a visit to the world's capital of naked living.
France Travel in May
May is a wonderful month to visit France, and along with September, is one of the most popular times. The weather is warm, but still mild and comfortable and the country looks gorgeous. While there are crowds in the more popular resorts, they aren't at their summertime height. There are many events, festivals and activities to keep visitors busy, and in particular the Cannes Film Festival that attracts celebrities and commoners from around the globe.
How to Avoid the So-Called Rude French
People might claim the French are rude, but they are actually very pleasant, polite and helpful. Follow these tips for bringing out the nice side of the French.
Worst 5 Rookie France Travel Mistakes
You're planning your first trip to France, and it's something you've dreamed of for years. But there are several rookie France travel mistakes that could make your visit less enjoyable, or even downright unpleasant. Hey, you don't have to look like a rookie. Here are some tips about mistakes to avoid on your first vacation in France.
Walking Tour of Nice's Cours Saleya Flower Market
One of Nice's lushest attractions is the Cours Saleya Flower Market, a cornucopia of ripe produce, sidewalk cafés, souvenir shops and, yes, flowers simply bursting with colors. Find out the best way to navigate through the mass of humanity that is the Nice Flower Market.
Customs in France
When entering France, there is a limit on items tourists can bring into the country without paying a duty. Here are some tips on customs regulations in France.
France in August
August is a top vacation month, particularly for the French themselves. Traditionally taking the whole of August, many French now return home from holiday mid-month. So you may find some shops closed (particularly in the north), although this is less common than in the past. Attractions are open long hours and can be quieter than July. The South of France is at its busiest with northerners fleeing for the sun-drenched beaches. It’s a great time with many festivals and events as the French enjoy their holidays.
How To Enjoy the Louvre Museum
The Louvre Museum in Paris is immense, and one could spend a week exploring its exhibits. Unfortunately, most of us don't have that kind of time. Find out how to get the most out of one of the world's top art museums, the Louvre Museum.
France: The Bad, Ugly and Smelly
Of course, there are wonderful things about France:people-watching at a cafe, glorious cathedrals, delicious food, historical attractions galore. But you should also be prepared for the bad, the ugly and the smelly before your visit. Find out all the gory details.
Good, Cheap Restaurants in Nice
Cheap restaurants in Nice -- Eat like a local at Nice's cheap restaurants
The Loire Valley's Top Ten Attractions
The Loire Valley is one of France’s most popular regions to visit. Here is my choice of the top ten attractions including chateaux, gardens, vineyards, and great activities like cycling the Loire a velo route to enjoy. The whole Loire Valley is, quite rightly, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Cell Phone in France
The cell phone you use every day at home just might work while you're visiting France. It has to fit various standards first, however, and the roaming fees might be insanely high. Or it's possible you can get onto a French network for far less money. Find out how and if you can use your cell phone in France.
How to get from Paris to Reims, the capital of...
How to Get from Paris to Reims, the capital city of Champagne in the Champagne-Ardennes Region by train and car. Use this information resource to plan your journey in France.
Travel Guide for Provence in Southern France
Provence-Alpes-Cotes d’Azur – a visitor’s guide to the south of France
Antibes, Provence, South of France Region
Guide to Antibes, Provence - Antibes, South of France Region Guide
See April in Paris (and the Rest of France)...
April is a wonderful month to visit France. Waking after the winter, the countryside is beginning to come to life with blossoms on the trees, lush fields and flowers everywhere. This is a great time for activity holidays: hiking, walking, and horseback riding. In town, the cafes are spilling onto the pavements. Easter brings wonderful displays in patisseries and chocolatiers. And for the romantic, April is ideal for a Springtime Paris visit.
Men's Travel Walking Shoes
When traveling, there is one packing item that is easily one of the most important: good travel walking shoes. Men, don't be fooled into thinking you can just toss a pair of sneakers or work shoes in your suitcase and be content. Traveling means heavy-duty walking, and comfort is key. It also means shoes that are prepared for anything, be it hiking the Alps, climbing hundreds of stairs to the top of Notre Dame or a fine dinner.
Top 6 French Champagnes and Sparkling Wines
Here is a list for every budget (from under $10 to $100-something) of the best authentic French Champagnes and sparkling wines for the holidays, New Year's Eve, wedding toasts and celebrations! If you plan to celebrate with some bubbly, you want to be sure you do it in style. You can get a crappy grocery store sparkling wine, but only vintages from the Champagne region are truly called Champagne. There is also a small village in France that claims it, in fact, invented sparkling wine first.
Paris to Tours by train, bus and car
Details of how to get from Paris to Tours in the west Loire Valley by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
Paris Neighborhoods: Ile Saint Louis
Lots of tourists swarm THE island in Paris, home of Notre Dame Cathedral. But far too many overlook its little sister, the quaint Ile Saint Louis just a few steps away. This small island is like an oasis from the rush of the city. It is lined with adorable boutiques, cafes and is home to its own unique ice cream. There are historic attractions, and one of Paris' best hotels. Find out more about the enchanting Ile Saint Louis.
Carcassonne Travel Guide
Here are all the basics for planning your trip to Carcassonne, Europe's largest fortified city still standing today and one of France's major tourist draws.
Top 6 Paris Attractions
Six attractions in Paris draw a whopping 23.5 million visitors yearly. With the hundreds of museums and monuments in the grand City of Light, take this short list to be sure you catch the best spots. After all, could millions of people be THAT wrong?
Hotels in Burgundy from Beaune to Dijon
Chateaus, former Abbeys and Manor houses make top hotel and bed and breakfast accommodation in Burgundy. Here is a list of my top 10 favorites – all interesting hotels in Burgundy in and around the main cities of Beaune and Dijon.
Try these top French seaside resorts
The top seaside resorts to check out around the French coast from Le Touquet and Deauville in the north of France to St Tropez, Antibes and Cannes on the sparkling French Riviera coast.
Budget France Travel
Many people think France is just too expensive, but that isn't always true. There are tricks and tactics to make France travel fit within a budget and be affordable. Here are secrets to budget France travel.
Top 10 Romantic Paris Hotels
Paris is the city of romance, and a tremendously popular destination for couples, lovers and honeymooners. The city is filled with cozy, intimate romantic hotels and accomodations. Be sure you get the best of this snuggle time with this list of top romantic Paris hotels.
How to Get from Paris to Nice on the Cote d'Azur
How to get from London and Paris to Nice on the Cote d'Azur by various forms of transport, by train, car, bus and flight.
How to get from Paris to Lourdes
How to Get from Paris and London to Lourdes in the Midi-Pyrenees by train, car and flight. Use this information resource to plan your journey in France.
For peace and quiet, check out the 10 most...
Discover the top 10 most underrated destinations in France
France in July
July is a popular vacation month in France both with the French and with other Europeans as school is out and the weather is fine.
Paris Shopping Bargains
Oh mon Dieu! Not all of us visiting Paris have the wherewithal to spend $1000 on this irresistible couture blouse, or the all-time favorite little black dress. Let us be realistic. Going on a shopping spree in Paris can be hard on our finances. Fashionistas of the world, let's sin no more, and shop smartly from now on! Here are three best-kept Paris shopping secrets.
France in October
A guide to visiting France and Paris in October. What to pack, what to look out for, what the weather might do and some highlights from a very busy French calendar.
Lourdes, France
Lourdes, France is a bustling Pyrenees village, best known for famous Virgin Mary sightings, that is central to several other great cities and attractions. Lourdes is second only to Paris in the number of hotel rooms available in a single city in France.
Arc de Triomphe - A Guide to this Popular Paris...
The Arc de Triomphe is one of Paris' most visit attractions. This monument is devoted to one of France's most fearless leaders, Napoleon Bonaparte. A visit to the Arc de Triomphe gives visitors a chance to see this architectural wonder, as well as a fabulous view and photo vantage point on the Champs Elysees. Here is a guide to visiting Paris' Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile.
Travel Packing List
Make that next trip to France (or elsewhere in Europe) go as smoothly as possible. These are items that you simply must have before hitting France. Check this travel packing list of what to pack for a France trip.
Nice Travel Guide and City Guide
Nice is a wonderful French Riviera city, and a popular destination for couples, honeymooners and sun-worshipers. Find out all the basics of a Nice vacation, including what to do, what to see, where to stay, great day-trips and how to get around.
Map of France
Consult this detailed map of France, which is ideal for planning your trips throughout France between the major French cities. The map displays travel times both by train and by road. Get help planning your France travel itinerary with this map of France travel times.
Top Attractions in North France
North France is full of top attractions and places to stop at. Too often, visitors drive past them on their journeys south, missing some wonderful attractions, fortified, walled cities, and great museums. So turn off the motorway and see some of my recommended sights. Some are well known; others are well-hidden secrets; all of these in Nord-Pas–de-Calais are worth the detour.
Top 6 Spa Resorts and Spa Villages in France
There are dozens of spas in France, ranging from upscale spa resort hotels to charming small spa villages that have relaxed visitors since the days of the Ancient Romans. Find out which spas are tops for your next ultra-relaxing vacation.
Top 5 Romantic Cities in France
If you are planning to honeymoon in France or a take special getaway with your sweetheart, use this list as your guide.
Top French Online Shops - Top Web Stores...
Even if you can't be in France, you can still find some of the nation's finest products through several online shops. Find out which ones offer the best French products and the best prices with these top picks.
Paris to Aix-en-Provence by Train, Car and Flight
How to Get from Paris to Aix-en-Provence by train, car and flight. Use this information resource to plan your journey in France
Exchange Euros
If you visit France, one thing is certain: you will be spending money. Make sure you get the most bang for your euro by following these DOs and DON'Ts to exchange euros.
French Diet
The French eat rich foods, drink lots of wine and smoke. So why are they so thin and fit? Find out about the French diet, and the secrets to why it works.
Longest Rivers of France
It's hard to imagine many French cities or villages without envisioning a lovely, picturesque river winding through its heart. The longest rivers in France wind their way through both city and countryside, and are a key part of France's geography. Here is a list of the longest rivers in France.
Top 10 Movies Set In France
Here are Top Picks of movies set in France. Even if you can't hop a plane, you can experience the sights and sounds (even the tastes, with some imagination) of French destinations through movies shot or set in France.
Paris to Avignon by Train, Car and Flights
How to get from Paris to Avignon by various forms of transport, by train, car and flight.
Old Nice
Old Nice, also called Vieux Nice in French, is a beautiful and unique neighborhood in Nice. Old Nice is popular with tourists and locals alike, from its popular Cours Selaya daily markets and its historic architecture to boutique shopping and made-from-scratch Italian (with a French accent) favorites like gelato and ravioli. Find out all about visiting Vieux Nice, or Old Nice.
Suggestions for easy to organise great day...
If you want a short trip outside Paris, try any of these suggestions. You can go for a day trip, or stay overnight for easy sightseeing outside the capital. Perhaps combine some of them into an overnight or longer stay.
Top 10 Budget Paris Hotels
Paris is one of the world's most expensive cities, but it's also one of the top tourist attractions. Find out how to conserve your cash for the finer thinks, like a fabulous dinner or incredible shopping, with this list of the best budget, cheap paris hotels. It features high-quality cheap places to stay in Paris.
Paris' Best Designer Depots
Oh mon Dieu! Not all of us visiting Paris have the wherewithal to spend $1000 on this irresistible couture blouse, or the all-time favorite little black dress. Let us be realistic. Going on a shopping spree in Paris can be hard on our finances. Fashionistas of the world, let's sin no more, and shop smartly from now on! Here are three best-kept Paris shopping secrets. Page 2.
Paris to Marseille by Train, Car and Flight
How to get from Paris to Marseille by train, car and plane. This information resource will help you plan your journey through France.
Top 5 Attractions in Cannes
Cannes, best known for its annual film festival, is a delightful city to visit any time of the year. While you're there, be sure to add a visit to Cannes' top attractions to your to-do list.
Top 7 French Chateau (Castle) Hotels
Live like true royalty during your next visit to France. This country, with its rich history of elegant architecture and magestic castles, features several great castles that are open for overnight guests. As elegant as that sounds, some of these chateau hotels aren't insanely expensive. All the chateaux on this list of top French castle hotels bring guests a taste of the good life in old fashioned style and atmosphere.
Cannes Film Festival
The Cannes Film Festival is one of the film world's greatest events. Every year it attracts tourists, celebrities and the star-struck who come to this French Riviera resort to celebrate the film industry. Read about the Cannes Film Festival, or Festival de Cannes and the festival's history and discover more about visiting Cannes, the star of the Côte d'Azur.
Art Museums in Nice
A visitor's guide to the top artists museums in and around Nice from Renoir to Chagall, plus suggestions of nearby restaurants.
How to Avoid Acting Like a Tourist
When in France, if you do as the French do you will probably have a much more enjoyable experience. Besides, is it really so bad to enjoy a long lunch? Or have your coffee in the cafe instead of rushing around with a to-go cup. Don't fight the French system, embrace the culture and you will look far less like a tourist.
Outlet and Discount Shopping in Troyes
Outlet and Discount Shopping in Troyes, the Factory Shopping Center of France
Montpellier, France
Montpellier, France is a bustling and vibrant city in the South of France often overshadowed by neighboring cities in Provence,but it is well worthy of a visit. The city is beautiful, filled with architecture and rich in history. It's lined with boutiques and sidewalk cafes, and dotted with magnificent squares. Here is a guide to the city of Montpellier, France.
Plan a Visit to Caen, Normandy
Plan a visit to Caen, Normandy. Caen is a delightful town, rebuilt after World War II, and famous for William the Conqueror, hero of the Battle of Hastings 1066, and for the D-Day Normandy Landings in 1944.
Paris to Strasbourg by Train, Car and Flight
How to Get from Paris to Strasbourg, capital of Alsace, by train, car and flight. Use this information resource to plan your journey in France.
Top 5 Free Things to Do in Paris
Paris is one of the world's most expensive cities. That doesn't mean a vacation there has to break the bank. There are numerous attractions, sights and things to do in Paris that don't cost a single dime. In fact, there are so many you could spend your whole trip devoted to free attractions. Here are some of the top free Paris attractions and sights.
Travel to Monaco Monte Carlo from London and...
Details of how to get from Paris and London to Monaco Monte Carlo by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
Visiting France with Babies and Toddlers
Visiting France with a baby or toddler can be a once in a lifetime experience as you see this stunning country through their wondrous eyes.
Page 2 - France: The Bad, Ugly and Smelly
Of course, there are wonderful things about France:people-watching at a cafe, glorious cathedrals, delicious food, historical attractions galore. But you should also be prepared for the bad, the ugly and the smelly before your visit. Find out all the gory details. Page 2.
Fortified Medieval Villages of Southern France
Revisit the Middle Ages with a trip to one of Southern France's medieval villages, filled with castles, moats, spires and more.
Information on Major Train Stations in Paris
There are six major train stations in Paris spread across the city. Each links to different destinations. Discover which train station you are traveling from, how to get there and which service the TGV high-speed train links to other French cities. Paris Gare Montparnasse serves west and south-west France, southern Normandy, Brittany, Pays de la Loire, Tours, Poitou-Charentes, Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrenees and north-west Spain. Page 4.
Budget France
The euro seems to just keep getting stronger and stronger, especially against weakening currencies like the dollar. If you are planning a trip and don't want to take too big a hit, use these budget France tips to save a euro here and there.
Promenade des Anglais
Nice's Promenade des Anglais is part of the heart of this seaside French city. It's lined with cafes situated directly on the beach, and it's a bustling area active with cyclists, runners, walkers and rollerbladers. Find out more about the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.
L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Provence
L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is a delightful town in the Vaucluse in Provence and a well known haunt for antique hunters. It’s a pretty town, located on the banks of the river Sorgue. There are many hundreds of antique shops here and the Easter and August antiques weekends are well known throughout France.
Matisse Museum in Le Cateau-Cambrésis
Matisse Museum in Le Cateau-Cambresis - a visitor's guide to the Matisse Museum in Le Cateau-Cambrésis
Paris to Bordeaux by train, bus and car
Details of how to get from Paris to Bordeaux in the Gironde on the Atlantic Coast by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
Getting to Caen by Train, Car, Bus, Ferry and...
How to get to Caen in Normandy by train, car, bus, ferry and flight. Use this information resource to plan your journey in France.
France Travel Guide
Before you go to France, use this comprehensive online France travel guide to find out all the basics about customs requirements, the culture, weather, currency and more. Also, get tips on when to go and where to go in France.
France Visa
One of the first major steps - and brushes with French red tape - people encounter when planning to relocate to France is applying for the France visa. Find out whether you need a visa to stay in France, which one is best, and how to improve your chances of being well-received at the consulate.
Visiting Champagne Cellars and Vineyards in...
Visiting a champagne house or a vineyard is one of the great pleasures of the region. You learn about the complex process that goes into producing champagne knowledgeable, English-speaking guides, and of course, taste the amber nectar at the end. Here is a guide to visiting Pommery and other champagne houses in Reims.
Shops and Shopping in Calais
Shopping in Calais is big business, with huge hypermarkets at malls like Cite Europe. Calais is the leading shopping center in northern Europe. But there are also gems to be found in Calais itself, from lace shops to specialised delis. Check out this guide to the best shopping in Calais.
Camping in France
Camping in France is an inexpensive and at times surprisingly comfortable accommodation. Quite popular with European tourists, there are campgrounds sprinkled throughout the country. Some of the four-star versions even offer wonderful amenities like pools, fine dining and on-site grocery stores. Find out more about camping in France.
Logis de France
Logis de France is an organization of smaller hotels, mostly akin to an American inn, which are almost always is connected to a fine restaurant. The Logis de France are a great option for those who want a true French lodging experience, but the assurance of certain standards.
Best Mediterranean Beaches from St Tropez to...
You'll find the best beaches on the eastern part of the Mediterranean between Saint-Tropez and Menton in this guide. Running along the Cote d'Azur, they range from small pebbled coves to sandy stretches.
Brittany's Best Beaches from Cap d'Erquy to the...
A Guide to the best beaches in Brittany, from the rocky headlands of the north where the cliffs plunge into the sea below, to the glorious surfing beaches of the west and the south. Brittany has it all.
France Student Visa
One of the first major steps - and brushes with French red tape - people encounter when planning to relocate to France is applying for their French visa. Find out whether you need one, which one is best, and how to improve your chances of being well-received at the consulate. Page 2.
Accommodation, hotels and restaurants near the...
There’s a good choice of hotels, bed and breakfasts and restaurants in and around the D-Day Landing Beaches in Normandy. Here is a selection of the best and nearest to the World War II sites.
Top 10 Hotels in Antibes
Top 10 Hotels in Antibes
The Must-See French Town You've Overlooked
Bordeaux, France goes relatively unnoticed by tourists, but they are missing out on a thriving city filled with shops, amazing historic attractions and nestled in the heart of wine country. Bordeaux, France boasts vinotherapie (wine therapy) spas. It has a large and charming pedestrian zone. Find out more about visiting luscious and lovely Bordeaux, France.
Guide to Rouen in Normandy
Rouen is a lovely city and is the historic capital of Upper Normandy. It’s one of France’s lesser known cities, and well worth a visit. Walk through the old part of the city, visit the cathedral and make sure you see at least some of the museums. Everywhere you see symbols and reminders of Rouen's most famous historic charactr, Jeanne d'Arc.
Christmas Markets, Cheaper Fares and Accommodat...
A Guide to France in November, what to pack, what weather to expect and some of the exciting festivals and events to look out for.
France in the Off-Season
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Best Places to Dine in Reims
There are plenty of good places to eat in Reims; this is the capital of Champagne. This guide will give you an idea of where to celebrate in style, and where to catch a quick bite.
What Not to Do in France
If you've not been to France before, then your first trip can seem daunting. And even if you're a regular visitor, there are always things to remember. So here is a guide to help you through some of the ways of the French and make your vacation relaxed and pleasant.
Toulouse Travel Guide
Steeped in history, yet hip and lively, the enchanting Toulouse is one of France's most beautiful cities. The food here and in the rest of the Midi Pyrenees region could be among France's most memorable. The shopping options are vast. Some of France's best cities and attractions are mere minutes or a couple hours from Toulouse, blessed with a wonderful central location. Here is a travel guide and city guide to splendid Toulouse.
Paris and France Monthly Events Calendar,...
No matter when you will visit France, be prepared for the national holidays, typical weather, major events and more. The month-by-month calendar and trip planner discusses the pros and cons for each month, month-specific packing tips and more. This is also a great guide to choosing the timing of your next French vacation.
Paris to Montpellier by Train, Car and Flight
How to get from Paris to Montpellier by train, car and plane. Use this essential information resource to plan your journey in France.
Paris Cafe Picture Gallery
Paris cafes are possibly the most well-known image of the City of Light. The Paris Cafe is more than a place to sip coffee. It is an institution in Paris, it is a magnet for tourists, it is a cultural phenomenon. No trip to Paris is complete without a relaxing, long sit with some fascinating people-watching at a Paris cafe. Here is a gallery is some of the best or most interesting Paris cafe pictures.
Get from Paris or the UK to Rouen for a...
How to get from Paris to Rouen, the capital of Normandy, by rail, car, ferry and Eurolines. Use this information resource to plan your journey in France.
Paris to Nantes by train, air, bus and car
Details of how to get from Paris to Nantes on the Atlantic coast by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
From Marseille to Montpellier - Top Mediterrane...
Perpignan, near the border of Spain in southern France, is also part of Catalonia, the region that takes in both France and Spain. And Perpignan still keeps its own identity, making it different from the other Mediterranean cities.
Brittany, France - Bretagne Region
Brittany, along France's northern shore, is a land of enchantment. It features rugged coastlines with some of the world's most breathtaking views. It features more than 4,000 chateaux, manors and medieval homes. It's an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts, lovers of fine cuisine and seafood, and anyone fascinated by legends and history. Find out how to plan a trip to France's region of Brittany.
Top 6 Paris Travel Guidebooks
There are dozens of Paris travel guidebooks out there of varying usefulness, but here are six we consider essential reading.
Paris and London to Lyon by Train, Car, Bus and...
How to get from Paris and London to Lyon by various forms of transport, by train, car, bus and flight.
Top Ten Chateaux in the Loire Valley
The Loire Valley is a wonderful place to visit, with its châteaux being the top attraction. From the Middle Ages on the French nobles and kings built their glorious palaces along the river banks. Here is my pick of the ten you should see along the banks of the Loire River.
Train Travel Guide to France
Information on train travel in France to plan your journeys. Find out about traveling by train from the six big stations in Paris to destinations all over the country and other European destinations, types of trains and how to buy tickets.
Le Touquet Paris-Plage
If you think of Le Touquet as a stately old lady, then think again. The resort on the north coast of France that was the darling of the jet setters of the past is still a lively, sporting, all-year round seaside holiday town with plenty to attract everybody.
Pau, France
What Pau, France lacks in personality it makes up for with location. While the city is a bit drab, its surroundings are not. Much like nearby Tarbes in the Midi-Pyrenees, the city itself doesn’t have too much to offer and is a little dreary in spots. Its best features are some of its historic attractions such as the history-rich and impressive Chateau de Pau. But it is a short hour drive to the sea and the Spanish border. It is right at the doorstep of the mountains.
Guide and Attractions in Orleans in the Loire...
Orleans, capital of the Loiret department, is the Loire’s most northern city. At the heart of the Loire Valley with its chateaux, gardens and historic attractions, Orleans is easy to reach by train and car from Paris. It makes the city perfect either for a short break from Paris or for the start of a longer Loire Valley tour. Check out this guide to all the attractions in and around Orleans.
Packing Clothes
If you are visiting France, especially more than once city or taking the train, a light bag can make the difference between a pleasant or unpleasant experience. Use these tips and tricks to travel as lightly as possible. Page 3.
France and Europe Rail Pass Selector
Selecting the perfect Europe rail pass or train tickets for your trip can save you hundreds. There are many questions to ask yourself. Find out how to navigate the options available, and all the subtle nuances to picking the right Europe rail pass for your train travel.
Romantic Paris
Romantic Paris is one of the best cities in the world for couples. Find out the best spots to snuggle and smooch with your sweetheart.
Top Luxury Shopping in Paris
Think of Paris and you think of luxury shopping. The City of Light has some of the best shopping in the world. Here is my short guide to the top luxury Paris shops from designer fashion to perfume.
Hotel Eve Review
Hotel Eve is the only hotel in Cap d'Agde's popular naturist quarter. The hotel features a heated pool, a super-friendly staff, a sauna and a 24-hour lounge. Find out all the pros and cons of this nudist lodging.
Paris to Limoges by train, air and car
Details of how to get from Paris to Limoges in the Limousin, by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
10 Reasons to visit France in Winter
Planning a trip to France in the winter? It’s a great time to visit, so here’s what to expect. Check out all you need to know from cheaper airfares to winter sports, fun, festivals and Christmas fairs during the French holiday season.
Mother's Day in France
Think one Mother's Day a year simply isn't enough? American moms can get a second dose of attention by celebrating France's Fetes des Meres a few weeks later. A French tradition that was made official by Napoleon, a day honoring mothers dates back to Ancient Greece.
Blois in the Loire Valley
Blois, which is roughly half way between Orleans and Tours in the Loire Valley, makes a perfect center for exploring the gorgeous towns with their impressive chateaus (castles) nearby. Blois is a delightful city in its own right, dominated by the huge Chateau de Blois in the center of the town. From here the winding streets spread out, full of old houses, cafes, shops and restaurants, making Blois a lively city. This guide will tell you more about Blois and its top attractions.
Top Markets in the South of France from...
Shopping in a local market is one of the great pleasures of a French vacation and Provence has some of the best shopping in the whole country. Here is my guide to the major markets in Provence, from fresh flowers to fish, from brocante to antiques. Page 2.
Restaurants in Lille
Lille is north France's liveliest city and with a wealth of good restaurants making Lille a gourmet destination, there are plenty of good reasons to make this a short break. You can get to Lille easily from Belgium, Paris and via Eurostar, from London
Christmas Markets or Skiing? Plenty to attract...
December is a wonderfully magical time to visit France. Christmas markets sparkle in major cities and small villages. The streets are full of building lit up in gorgeous colors. The shops are full of tantalising gifts. It's snowing in the Alps and Pyrenees, drawing skiers to the exhilerating runs down some of the world's most famous mountains. And there are bargain flights to be had. The year comes to a spectacular end on December 31st when the French seriously party, not just in Paris but throughout the country.

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