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Best of France


Want the best of France? France is so diverse, so varied and has so much to offer that at first it might seem hard to choose. So here is some help - my top recommendations for the best of Paris, the best cities, the best destinations, events, festivals and sights. Use this Best of France page to discover the real treasures of France.
  1. Best Destinations in France
  2. Best Sights & Attractions in France
  3. Best Places to Stay in France
  4. Best Events and Festivals
  5. Best Pictures of France

Best Destinations in France

France is a large country with so many marvelous cities, exciting towns and diverse regions that it is sometimes hard to choose where to go. Here are my suggestions for where to go in France.

Best Sights & Attractions in France

Sightseeing is a major part of a French vacation. With hundreds of monuments, museums, sights and natural wonders, here are the best attractions in France to help your trip planning.

Best Places to Stay in France

Hotel rating sign in France

The variety of wonderful places to stay in France is exciting. Live like a king in a chateau, find an old, half-timbered inn in the deep countryside, pick a gem of a hotel on the Mediterranean or book an unscale campground. Here you'll find the best places to stay in France.

Best Events and Festivals

Jazz at Juan

The French love to celebrate and throughout the year there are literally thousands of events, festivals and fetes to choose from. You'll discover your own local festivals as you travel around, but to start you off, try some of these don't miss events in France.

Best Pictures of France

With so many beautiful places to capture on camera, France is one of Europe's most photogenic countries. So here are some picture galleries to enjoy. Maybe they will get you planning that next trip, or perhaps they will bring back memories of wonderful times.

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