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Plan a Trip to France


Plan your trip to France in advance with the essential information you'll find here. Discover maps, advice on getting around, destination guides, monthly calendars, and information on where to stay. To get more out of your French trip, find out a bit more about French culture and traditions, and the French language.
  1. Travel Essentials
  2. Getting to France
  3. Maps of France
  4. Where to Go in France
  1. Where to Stay in France
  2. Getting Around France
  3. French Culture
  4. When to Go

Travel Essentials

Plan Your Trip

Here you'll find some travel essentials you should know before traveling to France. Here you can plan your trip, get information on the largest French cities and learn a few fun facts to get you started.

Getting to France

There are many options for flying to France from the U.S.A. with most visitors making Paris or Nice their first stop. If you are coming from the U.K. try Eurostar.

Maps of France


Maps of France and Paris are a must if you plan to visit. You can find rail and train maps, an interactive map of major French cities, online France country maps, lists of top road atlases and Paris city maps and more in this index of maps of France and Paris.

Where to Go in France

Paris is unforgetable, but there is so much more to see in France. France is a glorious mosaic of different regions and areas, each with its own character, landscape and architecture. You'll find exciting cities, fabulous seaside towns, amazing mountain villages and undiscovered treasures, making every visit to France a rich new experience.

Where to Stay in France

Chateau de Ligny

It can be a challenge to find the best lodging for you in France. Figure out how to get great bargains at budget hotels, campgrounds and inns, or live like a king at some of this country's most luxurious chateaux hotels and upscale accommodations.

Getting Around France

A train at Paris' Gare de Lyon

If you plan to visit France, you need to know all the ins and outs of getting in around this country. Once you land at the airport, your adventures are not over. Find out about France's extensive and reliable rail network, flying within Europe, rental cars and the thorough bus systems.

French Culture

Before visiting France, be sure you understand all the rich and varied nuances of the French culture. This could mean the difference between an enjoyable trip and an unpleasant one. Follow these tips and guides to French culture before you visit France.

When to Go

No matter when you visit France, there will be plenty going on. To help you plan, here is a month-by-month calendar. You'll find national holidays, typical weather, major events and more. Choose the right timing for your next French vacation.

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