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Weather in France - Climate of French Cities


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Weather in France
Eiffel Tower viewed from Champ de Mars, Paris, France
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Weather in France can be important knowledge when planning a France vacation. Get detailed weather data on major French cities to help you plan your trip.

For instance, find out whether Paris really is so rainy, or if Nice is so sunny, or just how much snow to expect in the Alps in January. Find out which months are rainiest in various cities, and what the average temperatures are throughout France. Here are details about weather and climate in France.

Although France is just the size of Texas, its weather varies wildly from city to city. Paris can have downright chilly days, even in July, while Nice can be balmy in the middle of winter. The Mediterranean beaches are close to the Alps and Pyrenees, and the climates in coast versus mountains is quite different.

With this guide, you will learn which city gets the most precipitation, the most snowfall or has the warmest average temperatures.

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