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France Travel Planner


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Start Planning Your Trip to France
France travel is rewarding, but there are many key steps to planning and enjoying a trip to France. Use this step-by-step travel planner, which covers deciding where and when to go to France, where to stay, what to do, French culture, getting around France and more to assist you in France travel planning.

Since there are a few steps involved, you might consider bookmarking this page so you can return for reference. Here are basics before you even book your reservations:

  • France Trip Planning 101 Free E-Course - Save yourself a lot of headache and stress by learning all the basics first with this free online e-course, France Trip Planning 101.
  • Top Myths About France and French People - There are plenty of stereotypes about the French: they stink, women don't shave their underarms, they are rude, they hate Americans. Don't be fooled by this myths and urban legends. The truth is far more interesting.
  • Avoiding the Rude French - Not only are most French people I've encountered civil, they were outright friendly, helpful and kind. They even went out of their way to help me! How could this be? Find out the secrets.
  • France: Before You Go - Before you go to France, find out all the basics about customs requirements, the culture, weather, currency and more.

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