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Budget France Travel

Planning a Cheap France Vacation


Many people think France is just too expensive, but that isn't always true. There are tricks and tactics to make France travel fit within a budget and be affordable.

Go When it's Cheap

The time of year that you visit France is easily one of the main factors in determining your cost. Everything, from airfare to hotel rates, fluctuates dramatically depending on when you go. Simple going in the off-season or shoulder season can save you hundreds, if not thousands.

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Go Where it's Cheap

If you want a pricy vacation, head straight for Paris. It's one of the most expensive cities in the world. Fortunately, those on a budget can find plenty of cheaper destinations. This doesn't have to mean going rural. There are several cities, especially in the Southwest of France, that are extremely affordable.

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Stay on the Cheap

Where you stay can have a huge impact on your wallet. You don't have to go grunge to save a few euros. Camping in France is a cheap alternative that is much nicer than you might think. There are four-star campgrounds that are nicer than many budget two-star hotels.

For a little more cash, stay in a Logis de France inn, which is often cheaper and must more fun than a chain hotel. You can even find some decent cheap hotels in Paris, too.

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Spend Wisely While in France

You don't have to bring a wallet stuffed to overflowing with euros to have a good time in France. Plan ahead and have a daily budget with the help of this Travel Budget Calculator. Be sure you get euros the smart, cheap way when you visit.

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