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Before you go to France, there are certain essentials you must know. Find out what to pack, which guide books are best, and other basic information for your trip with these France trip planning resources.
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Top 10 Most Underrated Destinations in France
You ll find your own remote, undiscovered and underrated places as you travel around, but here is my selection to start you off.

Train Travel Directory - List of French destinations from London and Paris
Travel Directory from London and Paris to French Cities.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France
The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France cover Cathedrals and Sacred Sites, areas like the Loire Valley and whole towns. Here is a list of 12 from the 38 sites in France.

Top French Seaside Resorts
The top seaside resorts to check out around the French coast from Le Touquet and Deauville in the north of France to St Tropez, Antibes and Cannes on the sparkling French Riviera coast.

Visitor's Guide to Marseille
Marseille, France's oldest city, has everything from Roman remains to contemporary architecture. Check out this guide to a city which offers much more than the usual tourist attractions.

Paris and France Travel in January
Visit France in January and you’ll find half the country celebrating the ski season in the glorious, snow-covered Alps and the other half it seems, enjoying the semi-annual sales in Paris and other major cities.

France Travel Planner
France travel is rewarding, but there are many key steps to planning and enjoying a trip to France. Use this step-by-step travel planner, which covers deciding where and when to go to France, where to stay, what to do, French culture, getting around France and more to assist you in France travel planning.

Weather in France - Climate of French Cities
Weather in France can be crucial to planning a France vacation. Get detailed weather data on major French cities to help you plan your trip. For instance, find out whether Paris really is so rainy, or if Nice is so sunny, or just how much snow to expect in the Alps. Find out which months are rainiest in various cities, and what the average temperatures are throughout France. Here are details about weather and climate in France.

Customs in France
When entering France, there is a limit on items tourists can bring into the country without paying a duty. Here are some tips on customs regulations in France.

Stay in a bed and breakfast in France
Stay in in bed and breakfast accommodation, known as chambres d'hotes in France, makes a perfect alternative to a hotel. Many of the chambres d'hotes are in beautiful houses and are cheaper than hotels. Located throughout France, you can choose to stay in the countryside in an old mill, a castle, farm or small house. Or choose the center of a...

The Best Beaches from the French Riviera beaches to Naturist Resorts
A Guide to the Beaches of France. Where will you choose to go? The French Atlantic coast? Normandy? Brittany? Or perhaps the Mediterranean, the most popular beach destination in Europe? Check the suggestions here to choose where to swim, sail, surf or just chill out.

Ferries to France - Getting to France by Ferry from the U.K.
Betting to France by Ferry from the U.K.

Guide to Reims in Champagne
Reims, the capital of Champagne, makes a wonderful day or overnight trip from Paris. Discover what to see, where to stay, the best places to dine and where to try Champagne in this guide to Reims.

Top Mediterranean Beaches from the Pyrenees to Hyeres.
The western part of the Mediterranean runs from the Pyrenees near the Spanish border to the charming Islands off Hyeres just ear Saint Tropez. Follow our guide to find the best beaches on this gorgeous stretch which offers long sandy beaches and charming headlands.

Top Palace Hotels in France
The Palace Hotels, a category created in 2011, is a group of nine hotels that are considered the very best in France. There are six in Paris, two in Courchevel, one in Biarritz and one in Cap Ferrat. Here is a short guide to all of the top French Palace Hotels.

Free Course: France Trip Planning 101
It is no easy task planning a trip to France. Even so, it's all worth it. But save yourself a lot of headache and stress by learning all the basics first with this free online e-course.

Discount and Bargain Shopping in France
There are some great places to shop for bargains in France. Try the major outlet and discount malls dotted all round France and factory shops from manufacturers like Limoges porcelain. The brocante fairs that fill the towns and villages of France in the summer make good hunting grounds for bargains in household items, vintage clothes, while the...

Short Trips from Paris
If you want a short trip outside Paris, try any of these suggestions. You can go for a day trip, or stay overnight for easy sightseeing outside the capital. Perhaps combine some of them into an overnight or longer stay.

Best Beaches in Normandy
A Guide to the best beaches in Normandy, from the Cotentin Peninsula to the great cliffs of Falaise and beautiful Etretat plage. From the beaches which saw the Normandy D-Day landings to the smart beaches at Trouville-sur-Mer.

Travel Guide for Provence in Southern France
Provence-Alpes-Cotes dAzur a visitors guide to the south of France

Worst Rookie France Travel Mistakes
You're planning your first trip to France, and it's something you've dreamed of for years. But there are several rookie France travel mistakes that could make your visit less enjoyable, or even downright unpleasant. Hey, you don't have to look like a rookie. Here are some tips about mistakes to avoid on your first vacation in France.

The Fortified Hilltop Village of Seillans in the Var, Provence

Top France Travel Guidebooks
The key to planning a great French trip is a great French travel book. It not only can help you establish an itinerary, but you can also decide on lodging, dining and attractions for while you are there. I never travel without a couple in my bag to help me decide what to do. Here are the most indispensable travel guides.

France: Before You Go
Before you go to France, find out all the basics about customs requirements, the culture, weather, currency and more. Also, get tips on when to go and where to go in France.

Budget France Travel
Many people think France is just too expensive, but that isn't always true. There are tricks and tactics to make France travel fit within a budget and be affordable. Here are secrets to budget France travel.

Restaurant Tips in France and Paris
Unlike in America, cafes and restaurants in Paris and the rest of France directly include a 15 percent service charge in your check. This is required by French law as tips are assessed for taxation purposes. Here is a question and answer article on tipping at restaurants, in taxis, at hotels and more.

French Coffee Drinks - How to Order Coffee in a France or Paris Cafe
French cafes serve some of the world's best coffee, but each of us has our own preferences and a language barrier could prevent you from ordeering the right coffee on the menu. If you can't have caffeine, this could be even more crucial. Find out how to order coffee in France, be it a cafe au lait or espresso.

How to Use the Toilets in France
Using a toilet may sound like the simplest of tasks, but if you aren't used to France's plumbing it can be daunting. Find out what various forms the johns take here, how to flush, how much it will cost you and other secrets to using the restroom.

Metric Conversion Calculator
f you are planning a visit to France (or elsewhere in Europe), odds are you are encountering many references to the metric system. While there are sites that convert around, many just convert one measurement on a page. Here is a handy Metric Conversion Calculator, which allows you to convert common measurements includes inches and millimeters, yards and meters, and miles and kilometers.

Top Magazines on Travel, France and Francophiles
Whether you are planning a trip to France, considering relocating there or simply want to imagine being there, there are numerous wonderful magazines devoted to France and francophiles, as well as great travel magazines that often have lots of France-related articles. Here are the best of the travel, France and francophile magazines.

Do you have to know French to visit France?
Find the answer to the France Travel FAQ, "Do you have to know French to visit France?"

Winter in France
Winter is the least popular season for tourism in France, but there are many wonderful reasons to visit France in winter. You can escape the typical madness of the tourist season crowds, save yourself lots of euros, and take your pick between cool winter sports and mild Mediterranean destinations.

Brittany's Best Beaches from Cap d'Erquy to the Quiberon Peninsula
A Guide to the best beaches in Brittany, from the rocky headlands of the north where the cliffs plunge into the sea below, to the glorious surfing beaches of the west and the south. Brittany has it all.

Walking in France
France is a great country for walkers. The scenery is spectacular; the paths and trails generally empty and the countryside is safe. Check out this Guide.

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