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Train Travel Packing Must-Have List

Suggested Items for Packing for a Train Voyage


When you are traveling by train, it is so much more important to pack well. You will be on the go, and probably lugging your bags up and down stairs and while you walk to your hotel. You also want to be sure you have the proper items for your trip, while packing lightly. Here are top 10 packing must-haves for a rail adventure in France.

1. Nature Sounds Travel Alarm Clock

train travel alarm
This is a great do-it-all item that packs a lot of punch in its small package. You get a sound soother with a variety of background noises, great for blocking out the sound of the rails or your fellow travelers. You get an alarm clock, and you can view temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The best extra is the mini digital picture frame that holds 70 photos.

2. Soy Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Soy memory foam pillow for train travel
Although train seats are more comfortable than airplane seats, it's not by a long shot. You have a little more leg room, but frequently nothing more than a window or hard plastic to lean your head against. It is an eco-friendly memory foam pillow containing naturally anti-microbial soy, and it compresses to be carried in its own compact sack.

3. Plush Travel Blanket

Plush Travel Blanket
Whether you've booked a bed, or you'll be sleeping in your seat, a compact but comfortable blanket is important. It's even handy for daytime train trips just to get cozy or take a nap.

4. Mini DVD Player

Mini DVD player for train travel
Yes, the scenery is lovely. But sometimes it's too dark to see it, and on a long train ride you will get bored with gazing out the window at some point. A great way to pass long stretches on the train is with this compact DVD player.

5. Lingo Voyager Talking Translator

Talking translator
This translator not only has French, but it also features many other languages people on the train might speak or you might encounter if you visit France's border countries. This also does a lot of duties in a tiny pocket size. Best of all, you needn't worry about pronunciation issues since this is a talking translator.

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