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TGV Train Route Map and Destinations in France


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Map of TGV Train Routes and Destinations in France

TGV Route Map, France © Rail Europe

© Rail Europe
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Major Routes from Paris

All train times given here are the shortest time and on a direct route. You can continue on to other cities from these destinations.

TGV Nord from Paris Gare du Nord. Connects to the north of France, to Lille, and Eurostar to London, Lille and Brussels.
  • Paris to Lille - 59 mins
  • Paris to Dunkerque - 59 mins
TGV Est from Paris Gare de l’Est. Connects to the East of France, serving destinations like Reims, Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and beyond.
  • Paris to Reims - 48 mins
  • Paris to Metz - 1hr 27 mins
  • Paris to Nancy – 1hr 31 mins
  • Paris to Strasbourg – 2hrs 18mins
TGV Sud-Est from Paris Gare de Lyon. Connects to the south and east of France.
  • Paris to Lyon - 1hr 59mins
  • Paris to Dijon - 1hr 37 mins
TGV Alpes from Paris Gare de Lyon. Connects to the east of France and is particularly useful for skiers in winter, going on to resorts like Courchevel.
  • Paris to Grenoble - 3hrs 2 mins
  • Paris to Annecy - 3hrs 48 mins
  • Paris to Chambéry - 2hrs 50 mins
TGV Méditerranée from Paris Gare de Lyon. Connects to Provence and the Cote d'Azur. TGV Atlantique from Paris Gare Montparnasse. Connects to the south and the west of France.
  • Paris to Tours – 2 hrs
  • Paris to Bordeaux – 3 hrs 3 mins
  • Paris to Toulouse – 5 hrs 167 mins
  • Paris to Pau – 5 hrs 27 mins
  • Paris to Lourdes – 5 hrs 55 mins
  • Paris to Le Mans – 55 mins
  • Paris to Rennes – 2 hrs 13 mins
  • Paris to Nantes – 2 hrs 12 mins

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