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Tour de France 2006 Route Map, List of Stages, Teams, Riders and Trivia


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Tour de France Facts, Figures and Trivia
Tour de France 2006 poster

Tour de France 2006 poster

The Tour de France attracts 15 million spectatora in a typical year's race and 4 million TV viewers on a typical day's coverage. Find out more Tour de France facts, figures and trivia.
  • TV viewers: the Tour de France TV coverage draws 4 million viewers during the three weeks of the stages, according to Amaury Sport Organization. For the climactic finale in Paris, 5.3 million people tune in.
  • TV coverage: the Tour de France televises 129 hours of race footage, and the average French person watched 5.5 hours of the 2004 race.
  • Tour de France renown: Nearly everyone in several European countries and more than half of Americans are familiar with the race. For example, here is the breakdown of percentage of people who know the race by country, according to BVA 2000/Sofres 2001:
    • Germany - 96%
    • Belgium - 96%
    • France - 96%
    • Spain - 95%
    • UK - 95%
    • Italy - 94%
    • USA - 56%
  • Tour de France spectators: the tour attracts 15 million spectators, according to “The 100 Years of Le Tour” Opinion Poll, Louis Harris, April 2003. Of the spectators, 66% were men and 34% women.
  • Tour de France online: the official Tour de France page draws 20 million visitors and 350 million page views. It is in four different languages.

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