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Want to discover what to see and do in France? Here you’ll find all the information you need on the best French sights and attractions, including museums, castles, cathedrals, parks and gardens, tours and where to spend a weekend or take a short break.
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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France
The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France cover Cathedrals and Sacred Sites, areas like the Loire Valley and whole towns. Here is a list of 12 from the 38 sites in France.

Museums of Fashion and Costume in France
Museums of fashion and costume in France include the Christian Dior Museum in Normandy, Perfumes in Grasse, Lace in Calais and Gloves in Millau.

Terra Botanica - France's Latest Botanical Theme Park - Plan …
Terra Botanica

The Most Beautiful Villages in France – Les Plus Beaux Villages de France
The Most Beautiful Villages of France, Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, classified the most attractive villages throughout the country. Check out some of them here.

The Museum of Costume and Stage Design
Glorious costumes worn by the world’s greatest dancers and sinister costumes from the world’s greatest opera stars are on display at the National Center of Costume and Stage Design in Moulins.

Normandy Tours
Normandy tours offer a way to experience this lovely part of Northern France, and to see the many Normandy D-Day sites, cemeteries, monuments and attractions. Besides the World War II history, Normandy is also a beautiful region with miles of beaches. Here is a list of Normandy tours.

Aveyron France Hiking and Walking Vacation
The Avéyron of France features an amazing 2,000 miles of hiking trails, ideal for the walker with wanderlust. There are six "grand randonnee" or major hiking routes that pass through this charming area of Southwest France. Here are details about Aveyron France hiking and walking vacations.

Toulouse Attractions
Toulouse attractions feature everything from impressive architecture and a World War II museum to Roman ruins and an aerospace museum. Toulouse has some of the most interesting and diverse attractions of any city in France. Here is a list of the top Toulouse attractions.

Top Ten Museums in France -- Best Museums outside Paris
Paris has some of the top museums in the world like the Louvre, the National Museum of Modern Art at the Centre Pompidou, and the Musee d’Orsay. But the rest of France offers a treasure trove of museums which will fascinate and delight. Here is my list of the top ten museums outside Paris.

Josephine Baker and the Château des Meslindes
The Chateau des Milandes in the Dordogne Valley was the home of Josephine Baker from 1937 to 1968. It shows the life and costumes of the black American performer.

Canal du Midi
The Canal du Midi was originally constructed to create a waterway shortcut between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, but today it serves as a charming and integral part of the landscape of several lovely Southern France cities. Find out about visiting the Canal du Midi.

The Christian Dior Museum in Granville, Normandy
The Christian Dior Museum in Granville, Normandy, holds a huge collection of the designer's haute couture dresses, sketches, photos and accessories. It opens each year for a special temporary exhibition.

Medieval Villages Of Southern France
Revisit the Middle Ages with a trip to one of Southern France's medieval villages, filled with castles, moats, spires and more. The remains of medieval hilltop villages still stand today throughout this area, and draw tourists from around the globe.

Medieval Troyes in Champagne
Troyes is one of France’s small gems, a well-preserved medieval town with old streets of restored half-timbered houses, their different colored facades creating a delightful patchwork of colors. Troyes is compact so it’s a good city to visit without a car. It’s easy to get to from Paris and the main sites are all within the small historic center.

Matisse Museum in Le Cateau-Cambrésis
Matisse Museum in Le Cateau-Cambresis - a visitor's guide to the Matisse Museum in Le Cateau-Cambrésis

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