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The attractive city of Lyon sits between the Rhône and the Saône rivers. France's second city may be less popular with visitors than other French cities, Lyon but Lyon is delightful, with spectacular Roman remains, a history that takes in silk weavers, merchants and traders, and a well-deserved reputation as France's second city for gourmet restaurants.
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romanRoman Amphitheater, LyonLyon CathedrallouisxivPlace BellecourLa Croix-Rousse
Lyon's Unique TrabouleslumiereLumière MuseummuralOutdoor MuralsCafé des Fédérations, Lyon
art museum lyonBeaux Arts Museum,lightfestivalFestival of LightparkParc de la Tete d'OrquaysideQuai Bernard on the River Rhône.
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