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France Regions

France is filled with wonderful regions, each with its own character. Find out details about France regions that are each diverse and a world unto themselves.
  1. Alsace (5)
  2. Aquitaine Region (9)
  3. Brittany Region of France (4)
  4. Languedoc (18)
  5. Pays-de-la-Loire (16)
  6. Provence (54)
  7. Auvergne Region (7)
  8. Midi Pyrenees (7)
  9. Burgundy Region (10)
  10. Centre Region, Loire Valley (18)
  11. Champagne Ardenne Region (16)
  12. Lorraine Region of France (6)
  13. Low Normandy Region (26)
  14. Corsica Region (2)
  15. Franche-Comté Region (5)
  16. Ile de France and Paris (4)
  17. Limousin Region (2)
  18. Nord-Pas-de-Calais (43)
  19. Rhone Alpes Region (12)
  20. Blogs (2)
  21. Savoie-Mont Blanc (2)
  22. Dordogne Region (5)
  23. Atlantic Coast Region in West France (9)

Top Beach Destinations in France
France might be small, but it borders two major bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterannean Sea. These miles of beachfront property are filled with delightful small villages and larger, bustling cities. Make plans for a vacation that mix the allure of France and the relaxation of the water by visiting these top beach destinations.

Major Walking Routes and Paths in France
The Great Walking Routes in France from Brittany to the Mediterranean from Paris to Catalonia. Pick your Trail, Pilgrim Route or Mountain Hike from these suggestions.

Top Spa Resorts and Spa Villages in France
There are dozens of spas in France, ranging from upscale spa resort hotels to charming small spa villages that have relaxed visitors since the days of the Ancient Romans. Find out which spas are tops for your next ultra-relaxing vacation.

Six Best Sights & Attractions in Rouen, Normandy
Rouen, the capital of Upper Normandy, is a lovely city. Here is a guide to the best attractions and sights. Rouen has an old part of winding, narrow little cobbled streets with half-timbered houses which have been restored to their former Renaissance glory. Rouen has a gorgeous cathedral, a superb Museum of Fine Arts which is worth a visit in...

Experience France's Border Regions
Situated in the epicenter of Europe, France's border regions tempt with often-overlooked delights. By exploring the country's edges, you can find influences of Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland--or even quickly cross over to visit these countries as well.

Events in France in December - Top December Events in France
In France, all the major cities and towns, and many smaller places too, have special events in December leading up to Christmas. Some, like Lyon's Festival of Light, are world famous; others are local events that you only discover when you are actually in the town. If you are holidaying in France over the Christmas period, check with the local...

France and Paris Travel in December
December is the most magical and mesmerizing time to visit France. There are Christmas markets throughout the country, including the centuries-old Strasbourg market. Storefronts are decked in lights and delicate ribbons for the holidays. In the Pyrenees and Alps, the ski seasons are beginning to gain stea. Yes, it's cold, but this is also a...

Basque Country
The French Basque Country has timbered row houses lining its river. If you have been elsewhere in Southwest France, the architecture can be a shocking contrast. Instead of sandy stonewashed buildings with burnt orange rooftops, the Basque architecture here features starched white buildings with brown, green, burgundy or navy timbers. The effect is striking.

Plan a Visit to Caen, Normandy
Plan a visit to Caen, Normandy. Caen is famous for William the Conqueror, hero of the Battle of Hastings 1066, and for the D-Day Normandy Landings in World War II.

South of France Tour
The South of France is an alluring, relaxing and beautiful place. It's an amazing mix of big cities, beach towns and hilltop villages. Here is a South of France tour itinerary to weave you through the best of the South of France.

France Regions
France's regions offer an immense variety of landscapes and experiences, from the urban Ile de France region that is home to Paris to rural mountain regions like the Midi Pyrenees. Here is a list of France regions, including a description of each France region and link to more information about each region of France.

Southwest France
In Southwest France, sunkissed rooftops blaze a burnt orange. There are sweeping vistas of both mountains and sea. The food is robust, and the wines don’t mess around. The narrow streets of the medieval fortified city of Carcassonne are lined with armored knights displaying daily specials at the cafes.

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