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Best Mediterranean Beaches from St Tropez to Menton


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Best Beaches along the French Riviera

Ste-Maxime on the Mediterranean, south of France

© Office de Tourisme, Sainte-Maxime
Flash, brash St. Tropez…Nice…Cannes…Monte-Carlo…the stretch of the French Riviera that runs from St Trop, as it’s locally known, to the Italian border is studded with towns which the international jet set has loved for decades. But even along this coast, which fills to bursting point in July and August, there are small beaches which you have to search out and can then make your own. Little villages like Villefrance-sur-Mer cling to the coastline; others have gently sloping sandy beaches running into the gorgeous azure blue of the Mediterranean and the French Riviera finishes at conservative, delightful Menton.
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