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Perpignan Attractions

Top Sightseeing Attractions, Museums and Architecture in Perpignan, France


Perpignan attractions feature a diverse and stunning mix of unique architecture, museums and sights, some dating back centuries and many reflecting the unique Catalan influences of both France and Spain. Here is a list of top Perpignan attractions.

1. Le Castillet

Le Castillet in Perpignan
Perpignan Tourism Office
Le Castillet is probably one of the city’s most identifiable landmarks. In fact, the city’s logo features a sketch of it. Built in the 1300s, it was converted to a prison a century later. Its rich red brick color and dramatic towers make it a sight even from the street, but it is well worth a visit inside where a museum is housed today.

2. Eglise Saint Jacques

Eglise Saint Jacques in Perpignan
Perpignan Tourism Office
L’Eglise Saint Jacques is worth a visit for its resplendent Catalan alterpieces. The church was built in two parts, first in the 14th century and later in the 18th century. Don’t miss the garden, La Miranda, behind the church on the remains of a medieval fortification. The church also plays host to a moving Good Friday procession akin to the famous one in Seville. During renovations in 2000, a profound archeological discovery was made on the site. A tremendous collection of medieval pottery was unearthed.

3. Casa Pairal Museum

Casa Pairal Museum in Perpignan
Perpignan Tourism Office
Get a true sense of the Catalan culture and history at the Musée Casa Pairal housed inside Le Castillet (above). This amazing collection is an homage to the Catalan culture, including exhibits on agricultural life, weaving, furniture, feasts and folk dance. On the first floor, there are two temporary showrooms. While you’re there, be sure to step out onto the terrace for a great view of the city, sea and mountains.

4. La Palais des Rois de Majorque

La Palais des Rois de Majorque
Perpignan Tourism Office
La Palais des Rois de Majorque, or the palace of the king of Majorca, was built in the 1200s for Count Jaume I. It is a stunning example of medieval Catalan architecture.

5. Musée de l'Algérie Française

Musée de l'Algérie Française in Perpignan
Perpignan Tourism Office
This interesting museum features a unique collection regarding France’s occupation in Algeria. Just be sure to plan ahead. Entry is free, but it's only open from 3 to 6 p.m. Wednesdays or by appointment.
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