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Be photographed like a Hollywood Star at Studio Harcourt in Paris


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Be photographed like a Hollywood star at Studio Harcourt

French actress Sophie Marceau photographed by Studio Harcourt, Paris

© Studio Harcourt

A photograph produced by Studio Harcourt is something very special. Marlene Dietrich, Salvador Dali, Brigitte Bardot and more recently, Jean Paul Gaultier, Princess Rania of Jordan, John Malkovich, Spike Lee, French actress Sophie Marceau, French footballer hero Zinedine Zidan and racing driver Michael Schumacher have all had their portraits shot here.

But don’t worry, so have people who are not in the public eye, but who want their own photographic portrait. At one time, it was very much the thing to do among the French upper classes who preferred the modern technology of photography to the age-old tradition of paintings. And it carries on today.

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