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French America


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French America
You don't need a trans-Atlantic flight to visit France. There are many cities, neighborhoods, attractions and other destinations throughout the Americas with a French flair. You just need to find French America.

In one city, you visit a stunning gothic cathedral. In another town, you sip cafe au lait next to an outdoor market with lush fresh produce and intense cheeses. Another stop boasts some of the world's finest French cuisine.

Oh, and you don't want to miss that town with a row of boutiques, and shop owners all speaking French. Or the charming drive from winery to winery, sipping some of the best samples of this delicious nectar. You even gaze in admiration at the Eiffel Tower.

Sound like a whirl-wind tour of France? Well, you never left the States.

There are many spots around America that have the flair of France, minus the pesky trans-Atlantic flight. Perhaps you have a flying phobia, are simply nervous about traveling amidst war, or even just lack the cash or time to go to the real thing.

No need to do without! There are so many French-influenced spots in the U.S., you can probably find one close to home. Yes, you can visit "France" in the U.S.

After all, the second largest French-speaking city in the world isn't even in France. It's Montreal, just a short drive from the U.S. border. New Orleans was settled by the French, and its influence is prominent even today. You might even be surprised by some tres French destinations right in your backyard.

There are glimpses of France in some of the most unexpected of spots: Ohio, Florida, California, even Nevada. In the following pages, find out which faux French destination is closest to your home.

Who says you can't take a roadtrip to France? You can with this tour of French America.

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