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France Epcot

Experience the France Pavilion at Disney World's Epcot Theme Park


French wine tasting at Epcot France

French wine tasting at Epcot France

Kelby Carr
France Epcot provides a chance to experience the feel of France and buy French imports without leaving the U.S. At Disney World Orlando, the France Pavilion at Epcot features French restaurants, souvenirs, wines, gifts and a film about France. You can even find a scaled down (1/10th of actual size) version of the Eiffel Tower.

The France Pavilion at Epcot is one of ten countries features in the park's World Showcase.

Shopping in Epcot France

If you miss France or long to visit France, the shopping could be the best reason to hit Epcot France. One shop features uber tacky bags and t-shirts with the word "Paris" splashed across them. But it also features some cool finds, such as FFF gear (French soccer league) and goodies from Disney movies set in France like Ratatouille and Aristocats.

There is also a perfumerie as well as a shop featuring Provencal fabrics, French wines, cookbooks, French household and decor items, and more. There are some cute gifts here, such as wine stoppers with an Eiffel Tower or glass Mickey Mouse head. You can also buy a glass of French wine to sample.

French Food in Epcot France

I am a bit particular about food, being both a foodie and a francophile. So I must say there are a few things that put me off about the "French" food in Epcot's France Pavilion.

At the Boulangerie-Patisserie, there are some wonderful and tasty baked goods and pastries. But then the coffee is Nescafe instant mocha and cappuccino from a machine. Of all places at Disney, France Epcot should have true cafe au lait with steamed milk. Alors!

A stand along the walkway sold crepes, but I was a bit mortified to see the French girl inside place a premade crepe onto a crepe pan to warm it, and then drizzle it with chocolate syrup. It tasted rubbery and flavorless. Even the crudest street crepes in Paris are made by pouring batter onto a crepe skillet, and placing real chocolate bits or Nutella inside.

There are other dining options as well. Your best bet is probably Bistro de Paris, which features some fine choices like duck breast. The prices are on the higher end, however, and you should reserve ahead of time if possible.

Entertainment in Epcot France

The primary entertainment is the Impressions de France, a 20-minute film featuring the beautiful French countryside.

There are also some interesting an unique sights in Epcot's France Pavilion. You can meet Belle and Beast at various hours near the water. There is also a fascinating show in which a performer stacks and climbs chairs. Over the holidays, you can spot Pere Noel in Epcot France.

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