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Outside France & French Territories

Being right inside the French borders are not the only way to experience France. There are French territories throughout the world, as well as cities settled by the French. France may be closer than you thought!
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French Santa Fe
There is a long history in New Mexico that encompasses not only Mexicans and Native Americans, but also Spanish, Anglo and, yes, French cultures. Find out about French Santa Fe.

French America
You don't need a trans-Atlantic flight to visit France. There are many cities, neighborhoods, attractions and other destinations throughout the Americas with a French flair. Find out where to find French America.

France Epcot
France Epcot provides a chance to experience the feel of France and buy French imports without leaving the U.S. At Disney World Orlando, the France Pavilion at Epcot features French restaurants, souvenirs, wines, gifts and a film about France. You can even find a scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower.

French Portland
Portland, Oregon has a French side? Mais oui! C'est incroyable, magnifique et, well, that's about all my high school French I remember. A lot of good those five years did. French Portland (not the one in Maine, although there may be influences there, but that's for another column) is a divine respite from a busy life.

Andorra Travel Guide
Andorra is its own little world, and not just because it’s a 290-square-mile independent principality (or a fifth the size of Rhode Island). Nestled atop some of the highest peaks of the Pyrenees, the principality is filled with amazing architecture, surreal panoramic views and some of Europe’s finest skiing resorts. Andorra attracts many tourists and travelers for its duty-free shopping alone.

French D.C.
for those seeking a French Connection with a city both historic and history-making, Washington, D.C. may not be at the top of your list. And you’d be Wrong. When last I visited Washington, the city exuded: “I am Important! History! Knowledge! Power Live Here.” Perhaps the drama was somewhat self-created, with the knowledge that a little piece of...

French Tucson
What? You don’t think there’s anything remotely French about Tucson, Arizona? Boy, are you wrong. For one thing, Tucson is a hauntingly beautiful city of extremes: sweeping desert on one hand and lush Southwest flora and fauna on the other. Hint: It’s a metaphor. For Paris. Not Hilton.

Paris in Las Vegas
Can the enigmatic City of Light be emulated in the schizy city of Las Vegas? It’s a stretch, but if you do your homework and stay away from the slots, you’ll find more than a soupcon of, oh, je ne sais pas, l’essence de Paris.

San Francisco's French Accent
San Francisco's soulful, urban oasis surrounded by water and postcard views offers not only delectable international cuisine, friendly ethnic neighborhoods, world-class museums and cathedrals reminiscent of Montmartre, it also has superb lodging, spas and fitness activities to please the most discerning Parisian or francophile.

Finding France in the Americas
There are many spots around the Americas that have the flair of France, minus the pesky trans-Atlantic flight. Find out about tres francais destinations in Canada, throughout the U.S. and around the Caribbean.

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