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Rodez, France


Rodez, France

Rodez, France

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Rodez, France:

Situated as it is in the middle of the mountains, it can be surprising to come upon Rodez. Unexpectedly urban, this tiny city features wonderful shopping and dining. The city’s striking cathedral features a Virgin Mary that is about 250 feet tall. Find out more about the wonderful discovery that is Rodez.

It is filled with historic buildings in old (Vieux) Rodez, nicely marked starting at the cathedral with plaques for a self-guided walking tour. There is a wonderful open-air market three days a week.

Rodez: Little City Nestled in the Mountains:

This is a truly ideal spot for travelers who can’t decide between a city or the country, as this city is much like an island in the middle of nowhere. Indeed, the tourism office’s slogan is, “City pleasures in the heart of the countryside.”

Nestled in the Avéyron, the area is certainly postcard-worthy. It is rich in historical attractions, with several chateaus and bastides. Charming stone cottages keep lone watches over vast expanses of land. Sheep farms line the countryside.

Getting Around Rodez:

Rodez has its own airport, Rodez-Marcillac airport, and a rail station, which makes it relatively easy to access. If you want to fly into Rodez, your best bet is to Fly Air France and connect through Paris. Another option is to take any major airline into London, and then fly via Ryan Air into Rodez.

Alternately, you can take the train from Paris to Rodez.

You can get around Rodez and its immediate area on the Octobus, which operates several lines running a brisk schedule.

A good option is to rent a car, if not for the entire visit, then for a day or two of sidetrips into the Avéyron.

Rodez Shopping:

Situated as it is in the middle of the country, it can be a delightful surprise to discover the wonderful shopping options in Rodez. Its narrow streets are lined with boutiques as well as chain stores.

Its open-air market, held Wednesday and Saturday mornings and Friday afternoons, sprawls from the square in front of the cathedral and trickles onto side streets. The vendors there have wonderful plump olives, spices in all the colors of the rainbow, various produce and plants.

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