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Montpellier, France


Montpellier, France's Place de la Comedie features a statue of the Three Graces

Montpellier, France's Place de la Comedie features a statue of the Three Graces and a historic Opera building.

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About Montpellier, France:

Montpellier, France is a bustling and vibrant city in the South of France often overshadowed by neighboring cities in Provence,but it is well worthy of a visit. The city is beautiful, filled with architecture and rich in history. It's lined with boutiques and sidewalk cafes, and dotted with magnificent squares.

Why Visit Monpellier, France:

Montpellier is the capital of the Languedoc Region of France. It is situated right at the easternmost border of Languedoc as it enters Provence. This lively city is bustling with college students, tourist and locals. It features splendid neighborhoods for wandering. There are stunning examples of Medieval architecture.

Getting to Montpellier:

The best options for visiting Montpellier are to fly into Montpellier, or fly to Paris and take a train or rental car to Montpellier.

You can get a Europe or France rail pass. Then, you can fly into Paris (which is much more likely to be a direct flight, and usually costs less) and take the train to the Montpellier train station.

You can fly into any major European city and rent a car. Search Kayak for car rental rates.

If you want to visit for an extended period, vist other French or European destinations, and truly explore the Languedoc region, consider renting a car.

Top Montpellier Attractions and Things to Do:

There is no shortage of attractions in Montpellier, whether you love all things historic or you like a vibrant urban setting. Don't miss:
  • Place de la Comedie, the heart of the city and lined with cafes and shopping. This is also home to markets, and you must see the Opera and the Three Graces statue.
  • Faculty of Medicine, established in the 12th century and the oldest medical school in the occidental world still in operation.
  • La Promenade Royale du Peyrou, a park and oasis from the bustle of the city. It's also right next to Montpellier's replica of Paris' Arc de Triomphe

Where to Stay in Montpellier:

Montpellier features a wide range of accommodations, from budget hotels to upscale lodging:
  • La Maison Blanche, in an impressive Colonial style manor and features lush greenery on the grounds.
  • Hotel Sofitel Montpellier, an upscale and centrally-located Montpellier hotel.
  • Chateau Residence de Bionne is outside of the city center, but is situated in a beautiful 17th century manor.
  • Hotel d'Aragon is a great place to stay if you want location, as it's situated a few steps from the Place de la Comedie.
  • Royal Hotel is also blessed with a great location right next to the Place de la Comedie.
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