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Sete France

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View of Sete from atop Mont St. Clair

View of Sete from atop Mont St. Clair

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Sete, France is a lovely fishing city which has much allure, from its beaches to its port lined with buildings painted rich ochres, rusts and azures. This is the spot to sample some of the world’s best seafood, usually prepared from the morning’s catches. Several canals wind their way through the city.

Water Sports in Sete

For a water sports fan, this is an ideal destination. There is hardly a water activity, from sailing to swimming to scuba diving, that isn’t possible here. Sète also hosts water jousting tournaments like its neighbors in Montpellier.

Sete Daytrips

It is a good base for exploring this region, situated just a few minutes from Montpellier to the east and Agde to the west. Beziers is also a short train-ride away.

Geography of Sete

Sète itself is much like a volcanic island on sight. Although it is connected to the mainland by a peninsula of beaches, the city is surrounded on all remaining sides by water. It comes to an apex at the top of Mt. Saint Clair, where there are memorable views of the city and sea.

Sete Cuisine

A local specialty, one found on many menus, is bouillabaisse. This popular and hearty stew combining fish and shellfish actually got its start as a low-cost lunch for hard-working fishers by mixing together whichever of the day’s catches didn’t sell at market. Other Sètois fish specialties include “le tielle,” a fish and tomato tort, and “la rouille de seiche,” a mix of fish, tomato sauce and aioli.
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