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Nudism in Southwest France

Top Spots for Nudism Tourism


Holidaymakers on the beaches of Le Cap d'Agde, the Mediterranean Sea, Le Cap d'Agde, Herault, Languedoc-Roussillon, France.
Bruno De Hogues/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
There are few activities as adventurous and indulgent as nudism, and there are even fewer places with as many opportunities as this area has to pursue this hedonistic delight. The climate in much of Southwest France and Spain’s coast is conducive to nudism practically year-round.

First and quite foremost is Cap d’Agde, famous (or perhaps notorious) the world over as the capital of nudism. This Languedoc city along the Mediterranean Sea has an entire miniature village devoted entirely to naturism, where visitors can go about their daily lives without wearing a stitch. While clothing is acceptable, there is little point in visiting the world’s Mecca of nudism while donning fabric.

A lesson in the delightful eccentricities of the French can be found in Cap d’Agde, where even the nudists usually dress for dinner. After all, this is France, and this is dinner, nothing to be undertaken with mere frivolity.

If venturing into “Naked City,” as Cap d’Agde is often called, sounds a little intimidating, there is no need to worry. There are many other smaller-scale nudism resorts and naturist beaches throughout Southwest France, including 21 official nudism centers in the Languedoc, all of which are affiliated with the French Federation of Naturism and are approved by official youth organizations.

While you're in the region, you also aren't far from nudism destinations in bordering Spain.

The “Costa Brava” in Spain provides a more secluded and low-key nudist alternative than the French nudist resorts, and you lose nothing in scenery by switching countries. There are more than 40 naturist beaches and coves close to the juncture of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. For more on nudism in nearby Spain, see this list of Nudist Beaches in Spain.

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