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Old Nice


Vieux Old Nice

A building facade in Vieux (Old) Nice.

Kelby Carr

Old Nice:

Old Nice, also called Vieux Nice in French, is a beautiful and unique neighborhood in Nice. Old Nice is popular with tourists and locals alike, from its popular Cours Selaya daily markets and its historic architecture to boutique shopping and made-from-scratch Italian (with a French accent) favorites like gelato and ravioli. Find out all about visiting Vieux Nice, or Old Nice.

Shopping in Old Nice:

One of the best reasons to visit Old Nice is for the unique shopping. Some of the best shopping is simply along the Cours Selaya. There is a flower and produce market most days, but also a weekly antiques market. Just around the corner there is also an arts and crafts market.

Another great area for shopping is around the Rue Saint François de Paule, where you can find some inviting shops selling olive oils, milled French soaps, truffles and more.

The best way to discover the shopping in Old Nice is to wander, especially deep in its narrow streets. There are shops devoted to jewelry, wine, kitchen and even umbrellas.

Old Nice Attractions:

Even if Nice today only consisted of Old Nice, there would be plenty enough to do to justify tourism. This enclave of Nice features a unique mix of historic buildings and attractions. Don't miss:
  • L'Opera - This is situated in a beautiful historic building.
  • Any number of churches and cathedrals, of which there are many. My personal favorite was the intimate and atmospheric Cathedrale Sainte Reparate, but one could easily spend the day tourism Old Nice's historic religious buildings.
  • Le Chateau - Just as Old Nice juts out to meet the Bay of Angels, Le Chateau is atop a hill overlooking the amazing view below.

Tips for Visiting Old Nice:

  • Although Old Nice certainly doesn't give off a dangerous aura, at night this neighborhood has a higher crime rate than some other popular tourist areas. That doesn't mean you can't be in Old Nice after dark, but be stick with friends and family and use some basic safety precautions.
  • If you want to enjoy the Cours Selaya markets, be sure to get up early before the crowds arrive. At peak tourist times, it can be difficult to peruse the stalls.
  • Have change on hand in case you need to use the restroom. There are public toilets between the Cours Selaya and the quai des Etats Unis, but they are paid.

Where to Stay in Old Nice:

One of the best options for staying in Old Nice is, in fact, a vacation apartment rental (if you will be visiting for at least a week). That's ideal because you can purchase great finds from the market and shops selling fresh-made pasta and cook it in your room. If a hotel is more your style, however, there are some fine choices such as:
  • Hotel Beau Rivage - Stay in style steps from the Cours Selaya and the shore. Book it now.
  • Hotel Suisse - Seriously pay to get a balcony room. This hotel is blessed with an amazing location literally hanging over the shore. Book it now.

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