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Longest Rivers of France

List of the Longest French Rivers


It's hard to imagine many French cities or villages without envisioning a lovely, picturesque river winding through its heart. The longest rivers in France wind their way through both city and countryside, and are a key part of France's geography. Here is a list of the longest rivers in France.

1. Loire River

France, Loire Valley, Amboise, River Loire, UNESCO World Heritage
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The Loire River is the longest in France, with a length of 630 miles (1,013 kilometer) and spanning a big chunk of France from the Alps north to Orleans, and then cutting west to the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Rhone River

Avignon's Palais des Papes
France Tourism Office/Jean Lamburet
With its source in Switzerland, the Rhone River weaves through central and southern France to the Mediterranean. It is 504 miles (812 kilometers) long. It passes through Lyon, Avignon and Arles.

3. Seine River

The Seine River is the third longest river in France, but easily the best known due to its prominence as part of the Paris cityscape. It is along the many unique bridges of the Seine River that untold numbers of couples, both in real life and in film, have kissed overlooking the Seine River. The Seine, however, is so much more than a centerpiece of Parisian life. It is 482 miles (776 kilometers) long, and winds its way from Paris to the English Channel.

4. Garonne River

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The Garonne River, 357 miles long (575 kilometers), shares the estuary Gironde with the fifth longest river (next on this list), the Dordogne. The Garonne flows a blessed path, passing through two of southern France's most beautiful cities: Toulouse and Bordeaux. According to Wikipedia, it is one of the few rivers of the world to feature a tidal bore, which means visitors can actually surf a stretch of this river.

5. Dordogne River

The breathtaking formations of the Dordogne Valley
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The Dordogne River, 300 miles (483 kilometers) long, features remakarbly beautiful scenery through a series of gorges and valleys. Also featuring a tidal bore, this river does not pass through any major cities but instead winds its way through lovely villages like Sarlat and Saint-Cyprien.

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