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Normandy - Visiting Bayeux, one of Normandy's Top Destinations


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The British War Cemetery, Bayeux

The War Cemetery at Bayeux, Normandy

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The largest British War Cemetery of World War II is just near the southern ring road of Bayeux on the Boulevard 6th June (follow the signs). It's appropriately placed, so near to Arromanches and the Normandy landing beaches. 3,935 British are buried there with 17 Australians, 8 New Zealanders, 1 South African, 25 Poles, 3 French, 2 Czechs, 2 Italians, 7 Russians, 466 Germans and one unknown unidentified body. A memorial registers the names of 2,808 more missing soldiers: 1,537 British, 270 Canadians and 1 South African.

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