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Blois Chateau in the Loire Valley


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Visit the Chateau of Blois in the Loire Valley

Louis XII Wing at the Chateau at Blois

© Château royal de Blois

From medieval fortress to the classical elegance of the 17th century, the Chateau at Blois, built over four centuries, is a remarkable palace. It stands high in the delightful town of Blois, which makes a perfect start for a tour of the other French castles, palaces and gardens in the Loire Valley.

The chateau at Blois was the grand home of seven kings and ten queens, a place of royal intrigue, the scene of the death of the infamous Duc de Guise…You’ll discover more on a trip through this urban palace.

Walk through the imposing gateway into an architectural dream. To get the full story of what you will see, take the free and short introduction by English-speaking guides.

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