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Logis de France


Logis de France

Logis de France

Logis de France

What is Logis de France?:

Logis de France is an organization of 300-plus smaller hotels, mostly akin to an American inn, which are almost always connected to a fine restaurant. The Logis de France are a great option for those who want a true French lodging experience, but the assurance of certain standards. Logis de France's independently-run inns average 19 rooms, so they are on the smaller side without being as tiny as a chambre d'hote.

Logis de France for Foodies:

Logis de France is the obvious lodging choice for foodies. Sometimes dinner for two can actually cost as much as the room (but it's almost always worth it) at a Logis de France hotel. You will usually be asked if you want demi-pension or full-pension, which refers to the meals. If you are fairly certain you will eat dinner there, go ahead and reserve the demi-pension (usually dinner and a breakfast of pastries and coffee). Often times you can wait until you arrive and ask for the pension to be included. I have had some of my most indulgent and divine meals in France at a Logis de France hotel.

Choosing a Logis de France Hotel:

The Logis de France chain features a fireplace rating, running from one to three fireplaces. Judging with a checklist of more than 200 criteria, with these basic descriptions from Logis de France:
  • One fireplace: Simple but comfortable furnishing, good cuisine, excellent value.
  • Two fireplaces: A high level of comfort and tasty cuisine for the price.
  • Three fireplaces: An extremely comfortable hotel, elaborate cuisine, and attentive service.

Logis de France Theme Hotels:

The Logis de France also has a theme and activity system for its hotels, including:
  • Logis de Caractère, or distinctive logis
  • Logis Nature-Silence, for nature and tranquility
  • Logis Bacchus, or vineyard logis
  • Logis Famille, or family-friendly logis
  • Logis Etapes Affaires, or business stopover logis
  • Logis Neige, or snow sports logis
  • Logis Pêche, or fishing logis
  • Logis Randonnée, or hiking logis
  • Logis Vélo, or cycling logis

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