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French Markets

The Market Scene in France, from Produce and Flowers to Art and Christmas Gifts


Design Flea Market at Passage du Grande Cerf

Design Flea Market at Passage du Grande Cerf

Paris Tourism Office | David Lefranc
A major allure of France is its amazing markets, from produce markets in Provence to art or antiques markets in Paris. From small villages to big cities, from summer flowers to Christmas crafts, find out more about the French market scene.

How to Find a French Market

You want to find markets in France? Well, just go to France. Almost anywhere you go has or is near a market of some sort. A best bet is to check with the town and region's tourism office for a list of markets.

Tips for Visiting French Markets

You would think it's a simple thing to visit a market, but there are some tips to making the most of the experience:
  • If you are a produce market junkie, consider getting a vacation rental instead of staying at a hotel. You can't bring fresh produce out of the EU, so you will have to enjoy it while in France. Having your own kitchen will go a long way.
  • Be sure you have cash, and that you have small bills. French market vendors can get irritated when too many tourists try to cash out big euro bills.
  • If markets are a major reason for your visit to France, be sure you research when and where your most desired markets will be. It could be key to planning (most themed markets are just weekly, for instance, and Christmas markets are just during December, maybe November).
  • Go early the day of the market. Markets tend to attract loads of tourists, so you will find it easier to browse in the first hour or so of the market opening. Also, some vendors pack up early on a slow day.

Types of French Markets

Produce markets are probably among the easiest markets to find, and any village, town or city worth its name will have one at least weekly during the growing season.

You can also find almost any type or theme of market you can dream up. They include, but are not limited to:

  • antiques markets
  • rare book markets
  • flea markets
  • flower markets
  • fine art markets
  • organic produce markets
  • stamp markets
  • pottery markets

French Market Resources

Here are a variety of resources on this site for those interested in French markets:

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