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How to Make a France-Themed Gift Basket

A Present to Delight a Francophile


Beurre Barratte de Celles sur Belle (French Butter)

Beurre Barratte de Celles sur Belle (French Butter)


If you know a francophile, delight him or her with a great France-themed gift basket. Here are step-by-step instructions, including links to compare prices on suggested items to use.

Pick a container

Find a great container. Don't limit yourself to simple baskets. Find a hat box with a toile fabric, or a Provencal tote bag. Here are some other possibilities:

Pick a Theme

Is your gift recipient a francophile who loves to cook? Or perhaps he or she loves wine or cheese. Maybe she loves French soaps and other indulgences, loves to travel or is a bookworm. Here is some possible themes:

Pick a Centerpiece Item

You don't want to spend a fortune on the gift basket, I'll presume, so it's a good idea to pick one central item to focus most of your budget and/or to draw the eye and make the gift basket look appealing.

Choose Smaller Items

Look for items that are less expensive to fill out the basket. Wine label removers are great, as well as smaller gourmet items like jams, mustards, crepe mix, and so on.

Close with Creativity

Think of a creative way to finish it off. Visit your local Border's or Barnes and Noble and find a French newspaper, then shred it as filler. Wrap the basket with plastic wrap, and attach a tag with a French phrase printed on it, like "Joyeux Noel" for Christmas, "Bonne Anniversaire" for a birthday, or simple terms like "Bonjour."

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