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Top 10 French Gourmet Gifts for Foodies


If there is a foodie or gourmet aficionado on your shopping list, you can't go wrong with some of these French food staples and specialties. Create a gift basket abundant with butter from France, wonderful French cheeses and other fabulous food finds.

1. French Premier Gift Basket

French Premier Gift Basket
The French people know their food, and their cuisine is arguably the finest in the world. This gift basket showcases some of France's finest cuisine, featuring French cheese, a rasberry jam from the Pyrenees, French cookies, true Dijon mustard, tasty madeleines, candies and fruit spreads for cheese.

2. French Cheese Assortment

French Cheese Assortment
One of the finest French delicacies is cheese, and this assortment provides a range of styles, textures and tastes from France. It includes a classic chevre, one of the world's ancient cheeses, a triple-creme cheese and a Gruyere.

3. A Tour of Provence Wine Gift Set

Tour of Provence Wine Gift Set
This set makes a great base for future meals, featuring a white, rosé and red wine from Provence and a Provençal cookbook.

4. Aioli sauce

For a true taste of Provence, this is an absolute staple. This popular sauce consists of crushed garlic, egg yolks, lemon juice, mustard, white wine vinegar and sunflower oil. It is served with many dishes, or even simply with vegetables or as a sandwich spread.

5. Dijon Mustard (from Dijon, France)

This is the real thing, not the standard stuff you'll find at your local grocer. From the capital of mustard, Dijon, France, this is a must-have staple for any French gourmets cabinet. Use it as part of a glaze, or simply serve it with cheese and crackers.

6. Banyuls Vinegar

In probably one of the loveliest areas of France, the breathtaking Cote Vermeille near the Spanish border, vinegar has been produced for centuries. The hillsides and cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean have proven a base for one of the world's finest vinegars. This one is barrel-aged at least five years for divine quality.

7. Fleur de Sel

There's salt, and then there's fleur de sel (literally, "flower of salt." It is nothing like it processed, briny counterparts. This salt has been harvested since the 7th century from France's Atlantic coast.

8. Les Folies Fromage Fruit Spreads for Cheese

One can simply sample cheese, or one can bring out its amazing complexities. These fruit spreads are specifically designed to accompany certain cheeses. The quince, apple and spice spread, for instance, goes with blue cheeses. The white fig with bay leaf and raisins enhances goat cheeses.

9. Chocolate Fondue by Mazet

What could be more of a French indulgence than chocolate fondue? For the gourmet, this makes a wonderful finish for a cocktail party. Use the fondues with fruits, candies, baked goods or anything else that goes well with chocolate. The fondue comes in a choice of cinnamin dark chocolate, dark bitter, milk caramel and hazelnut chocolate.

10. Trio of Artisan Oils

This trio provides delicate flavors for cooking, as well as wonderful health benefits. The trio includes Roasted Walnut Oil, Roasted Hazelnut Oil and Grapeseed Oil. They feature all three essential fatty acids, Omega 3 & 6 in Walnut oil, Omega 6 in Grapeseed oil and Omega 9 in Hazelnut oil.

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