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Deciding to Move to France

It is no simple decision to make the leap to France. You are setting yourself up for endless red tape to cut through, especially if you are not an EU citizen. You will have a hard time working, and will need to find a way to support yourself. You will leave friends and family behind. Get help making this awesome decision.

Top Reasons to Move to France
Moving to France is no easy decision, especially if you will need a visa to get permission. Despite the red tape, expense, and extensive effort involved, it really is worth it to move to France. Here are the top reasons to move to France.

Quiz: Are You Ready to Move to France
Many people dream of living in Paris for a year, or retiring on the French Riviera. Making that dream a reality is not for the faint of heart. Find out if you have what it takes with this personality quiz.

Top Books About Living and Working in France
French Language Guide Laura Lawless provides some wonderful recommendations on books about moving to France. I highly recommend reading at least one, preferably more, before you decide to move there.

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