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Top 5 Movies About D-Day


There are several movies that attempt to capture the intensity of the D-Day Invasion. Relive that day in history with these top films about D-Day.

1. Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers
This is the end-all be-all D-Day video. Based on the Stephen Ambrose book of the same name, this HBO mini-series follows Easy Company from boot camp through D-Day and beyond the capture of Hitler's Eagle's Nest. I must confess I've watched the entire series a few times already. I think it's addictive!
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2. Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan
When this movie came out, there was one recurring theme when people discussed it. They couldn't believe the absolute realism that director Steven Spielberg captured. The opening scenes from the beachfront attack are haunting and intense. Tom Hanks is utterly believable as the troubled Captain Miller. Matt Damon's "Ryan," not even seen for most of the movie, is also well-played.
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3. The Longest Day

This 1962 film has an amazing cast: Richard Burton, John Wayne, Sean Connery, Red Buttons, Henry Fonda, Roddy MacDowell, shall I go on? It isn't as intense as its modern counterparts, but this is an excellent movie with wonderful performances.
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4. Where Eagles Dare

A unique take on the D-Day invasion, this 1969 film starring Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton is about an American general captured by the Nazis before the Normandy invasion. Fearing he will spill the beans, the British lead a mission to rescue the general before he is forced to reveal the D-Day plans.
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5. The Big Red One

Starring Lee Marvin, Mark Hamill and Robert Carradine, this 1980 movie follows a squad through several battles, D-Day included, as they progress through World War II.
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