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Top 10 Movies Set In France


Here are Top Picks of movies set in France. Even if you can't hop a plane, you can experience the sights and sounds (even the tastes, with some imagination) of French destinations through movies shot or set in France.

1. French Kiss

French Kiss
This is my personal favorite and I have watched it over and over again. This movie isn't deep or serious, but it's habit-forming. Watch Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline travel from Paris through the French countryside to Cannes. There are great shots of Paris, Cannes and the French countryside. French Actor Jean Reno is tough but endearing as misfit Kline's cop buddy. This romantic comedy is a delight! Fun to watch as a couple or with a bunch of girlfriends.
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2. Killing Zoe

Killing Zoe
See the dark and seedy side of Paris through this demented black comedy/suspense movie. Starring Eric Stoltz and Julie Delpy, the film delves into the Paris underbelly of drugs, sex and crime. This intense movie is one of Quentin Tarantino's first films.
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3. Forget Paris

This romantic comedy with Billy Crystal and Debra Winger is full of great shots of Paris, with views of gardens and bridges over the Seine. It's also a great pick for couples: Crystal's career as a basketball ref hooks the guys, who might otherwise be reluctant to see a romance.
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4. Festival in Cannes

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the mechanations behind the Cannes Film Festival. Better yet, get some wonderful glimpses of this beautiful, upscale Riviera town. Watch it, though, for the brilliant performances of Ron Silver and Maximillian Schell.
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5. Interview With The Vampire

The screen version of Anne Rice's modern classic is primarily set in New Orleans, but there are scenes set in the early days in Paris. The movie will spellbind long before you get to that part, but watch for the Paris scenes.
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6. Sabrina

The original 1954 Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn, William Holden and Humphrey Bogart, might not spend much time actually in Paris. But there is so much talk about the city that it still gives the feel of France (and there's even a scene in which Hepburn is in cooking classes at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school). The way Sabrina talks lovingly about her self-evolving time in Paris, it would make anyone yearn to cross the Atlantic!
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7. Chocolat

OK, I think the movie isn't nearly as good as the book (only because I kept obsessing over inconsistencies in the film versus the book). But the perfermances are great and it certainly portrays chocolate as the magical potion it truly is, and France as the enchanting place it truly is.
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8. An American Werewolf In Paris

This sequel to the classic Werewolf in London has great shots of Paris. The movie is intense and entertaining--including a great scene in which Julie Delpy's character jumps from the Eiffel Tower.
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9. European Vacation

This is a very silly and very funny movie. They even slip Eric Idle in! Plus, as a bonus, there are shots of Paris (with the back room of a Parisian restaurant, in which snotty waiters pull out TV dinners and stick French flags on top. Hmm...).
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10. Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame

OK, so the scenes are animated, but how many times do you watch a movie in which the gargoyles at Notre Dame talk? A great movie for grown-ups and kids. It's also a great way to familiarize kids with one of Paris' main attractions (won't they think it's so cool to see it in real life if you ever visit).
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