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Fun Facts About France

Fun France Facts, Trivia, Geography, Weather and History


The Grand Palais in Paris, France
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Get fun facts about France, ranging from France geography to history of France. There are many misconceptions about France, so consult these facts about France.

Fun Facts About France's Geography

  • France touches three major bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean (Bay of Biscane), Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel.
  • France features nearly 3,000 miles (4,668 kilometers) of shoreline.
  • There are seven mountain ranges in France: Pyrenees, Alps, Auvergne, Vosges, Jura, Morvan and Corsica.
  • European France borders eight countries: Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Monaco, Andorra and Switzerland.
  • France has two principalities within its borders: Andorra and Monaco.
  • European France is divided into 22 regions, and its overseas territories feature four other regions.
  • European France consists of 342,807 miles or 551,695 kilometers.

Fun Facts About France History

  • Julius Caesar conquered Gaul around 50 b.c. That was just the beginning of a string of national identities for various areas of France, including being conquered by the Visigoths and later being ruled by the Franks around the year 500 a.d.
  • When Eleanor of Aquitaine married the future English King Henry II, this led to British rule of part of France for around three centuries before it became part of France.
  • Much of the Southwest of France was not even part of France as recently as 1453, the end of the Hundred Year’s War when England surrendered all of its French territory except Calais.
  • Throughout history, there are many instances in which France and Spain warred with one another, and other times when they were allied against another nation (such as England). Many times, the people of Southwest France and the Spanish Pyrenees sympathized with their neighbors across the mountains. During the Thirty-Years’ War, for instance, the French assisted the Catalan rebellion against Spain, and successfully defeated the Spanish outside Barcelona in 1641. In 1823, the French helped overthrow a rebel government in Madrid, and received warm welcome from the Catelonians as the troops passed over the Pyrenees.
  • In the modern era, the first flight of the Concorde took place in 1969 in Toulouse and the city continued to develop its presence as a major aerospace industrial center.

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