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In France there are many local customs unique to the country and its diverse regions. Find in-depth information on the cultural traditions that have shaped France's rich cultural tradition, and read about French etiquette and the French way of life.
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Top Roman Cities and Ancient Sites in France
Roman France or Gaul was vitally important to the ancient Roman Empire. The ancient Romans built magnificent cities and left marvelous engineering works. Here is my list of the top Roman sites.

Josephine Baker and the Château des Meslindes
The Chateau des Milandes in the Dordogne Valley was the home of Josephine Baker from 1937 to 1968. It shows the life and costumes of the black American performer.

What Not to Do in France
If you've not been to France before, then your first trip can seem daunting. And even if you're a regular visitor, there are always things to remember. So here is a guide to help you through some of the ways of the French and make your vacation relaxed and pleasant.

Fun Facts About France
Get facts about France, ranging from France geography and history to details about French culture. There are many misconceptions about France, so consult these facts about France.

French Street Signs
Here is a visual step-by-step tutorial on popular and common street signs in France. It is very important to get familiar with these before you visit, as it can help guide you when driving or walking, help you in an emergency, or simply make life easier when visiting France.

Basque Language for Travelers
You could easily visit French or Spanish Basque Country without knowing a word of Basque (called Euskara in Basque). Since the Basques are vehemently defensive of their culture, however, try to use these unique and lovely Basque greetings and niceties when possible.

The Lille Museum of Modern Art
The Lille Museum of Modern Art has one of the best collections of Modern, Contemporary and Art Brut in France, second only to the great art museums and galleries in Paris.

Don't Act Like a Tourist
When in France, if you do as the French do you will probably have a much more enjoyable experience. Besides, is it really so bad to enjoy a long lunch? Or have your coffee in the cafe instead of rushing around with a to-go cup. Don't fight the French system, embrace the culture and you will look far less like a tourist.

Top Attractions in Troyes, Champagne
Troyes is a delightful town with many attractions to visit, from the cathedral of St-Pierre-et-St Paul with its spectacular stained glass to the delightful apothecary. And not to be missed is the impressive Musee d'art modern (modern art museum) with its carefully selected personal collection of 19th and 20th century art.

Table Etiquette in France
When it comes to table etiquette in France, be sure there is nothing lost in translation. There are several differences between the French table manners and eating habits and American dinner etiquette. Here is a comparison of the table etiquette of France and the U.S.

French Translators
French translators are a must-have for French travelers. It's crucial when visiting France to have a quick and easy way to translate with the French. Whether you want a top of the line talking electronic French translator or a low-tech French translator card, these are the best French translators.

Top Myths About France and the French People
There are plenty of stereotypes about the French: they stink, women don't shave their underarms, they are rude, they hate Americans, they all go topless at the beach. Don't be fooled by this myths and urban legends. The truth is far more interesting. Here is some myth busting a la France with this list of top myths about France and the French people.

Wearing Sneakers in France
I can’t count the number of times travelers who asked me: ‘Should I wear sneakers in Paris?’ and other variations of the same question. American tourists especially are concerned about ‘not fitting in’ with inappropriate shoes. Find out what is or isn't appropriate for travelers visiting France.

Rudeness Prevention
The French are notorious for being rude, but is that label fair? By following just a few simple tips, find out how to tap into the French friendliness.

France Bashing
Bashing the French has always been popular. American tourists have critized them for being rude or just too cool. But with France's latest stance against the war on Iraq, this practice has developed heightened venom. It is sure to hurt France's tourism industry.

France: the Bad, Ugly & Smelly
Of course, there are wonderful things about France: people-watching at a cafe, glorious cathedrals, delicious food, historical attractions galore. But for that yin, there must be a yang. You should also be prepared for the bad, the ugly and the smelly before your visit.

Romantic France for Lovers
France is one of the world's most romantic countries. From beautiful scenery to historic cities, from wooded valleys to winding cobbled streets, it's got it all. Small intimate hotels or grand chateaus to stay in; low-lit restaurants with views over the sea to brasseries from a film set. Aphrodosiac oysters and ripe fruit, all sampled with the...

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