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A Tour of France's Best Cathedrals


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France Cathedral Tour Itinerary Map

France Cathedral Tour Itinerary Map

Kelby Carr
France boasts some of the world's most ancient, stunning and captivating cathedrals. Each one is a work of art and has its own personality, marked by exquisite carvings and spires reaching to the sky. Follow this suggested itinerary for your own tour of France's best cathedrals, which stops in Paris, Strasbourg, Nice, Rodez, Lourdes and Chartres.
Along the way, you'll also see a blend of France's big cities and quaint villages. You'll get a chance to sample a variety of French regional cuisines. You'll get close to both Spain and Germany. To assist you in organizing your trip, please see the route planning map below. While this trip can technically be done in seven days, you will probably enjoy it a whole lot more if you have extra time. If that isn't feasible, or your visit is shorter, consider concentrating on either the northern or southern cathedrals, or simply pick one of these destinations for a visit.
Consider using a French Rail Pass. Since your trip will span great distances in France, this is sure to be a bargain over point-to-point tickets. You can also consider getting a Rail 'n Drive pass, which will provide vouchers for car rentals, or simply renting a car for the entire voyage.
Since you will be moving around a lot (and probably dragging your luggage in and out of train stations), be sure you pack light.
Click through each page for a description of each stop, a background on each cathedral and what makes it unique, as well as tips for these destinations.
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