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Top 5 Attractions in Cannes


Cannes, best known for its annual film festival, is a delightful city to visit any time of the year. Delightful and upscale, this dignified Riviera city lies on the Mediterranean shore. Visit the Palais des Festivals et des Congres, home to the film festival and other events, the La Castre fortification, a museum devoted to perfumes or stroll along the lovely shore-hugging La Croissette.

1. Palais des Festivals et des Congres

Even when the Cannes Film Festival has long since rolled up the red carpet, you can imagine the glitz and glamour at the site of the annual event. Be sure to stop at the convention center, which hosts many events throughout the year. Be sure to examine the handprints of celebrities embedded in the flagstones outside the building.

2. Musée de la Castre

The Cannes chateau has been converted into a wonderful museum housing an amazingly diverse mix of artwork. Be sure to scale the castle's tower for a rewarding view below of Cannes.

3. La Croissette

Few spots better symbolize the glamour of Cannes than La Croissette, the stretch of sidewalk that lines the shore. There are vendors selling souvenirs, billboards promoting the film festival and upscale shops across the street. Best of all, there are wonderful cafés along the beach and, for a fee, you can rent a chaise lounge and umbrella, sipping drinks a few feet from the water. Divine!

4. Musée de la Mer

This unique museum off the shore of Cannes features exhibits devoted to the prison system and to underwater archeology collections. The museum's highlight is the exhibit devoted to the mysterious man in the iron mask.

5. Shopping Zones

One of the best reasons to visit Cannes is to spend money. Besides the shops on La Croisette, there are numerous streets heading north from the street and paralleling La Croissette. There is a shopping mall nearby, and several upscale chain stores (think Gucci, Christian Lacroix and Ferrari) and local boutiques. The rues d'Antibes and Meynadier feature great shopping districts as well.
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