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Top France and Paris Travel and Expat Blogs

The Web is filled with numerous blogs related to life in France, ranging from Americans living in Paris who ponder life on that side of the pond to blogs devoted to traveling around France. Stay connected with the happenings in France through these links, which have RSS feeds, on my blogroll of the top France sites.

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Eye Prefer Paris
This is a great blog that captures life in Paris in both moving words and stunning imagery. The blog is written by an ex-New Yorker who is living in Paris' Marais, and he also operated insider tours of Paris.

Tongue in Cheek
This is a beautiful, mesmerizing blog about life in France written by an American married to a Frenchman. The photography and the writing are both lovely, and there is an emphasis on food, art and French antiques.

Dispatches from France Blog
This is a fun and charismatic blog from a woman who moved to France after falling in love and marrying a Frenchman. It features a wonderful mix of references to the cultural differences, adapting to the language and travel essays when she takes sidetrips.

Invisible Paris
For those who like to go off the well beaten path and hate to follow the tourist crowds, this is a wonderful blog to follow featuring, which is self-described as "a celebration of the parts of Paris that would be refused entry to the ville musée if they tried to get in today."

Visit Normandy-Pays de Loire Blog
This is an engaging blog with lots of information and photos related to the Lower Normandy and the northern Pays de la Loire!

Paris Blog
While many blogs spend a bit too much time waxing philisophical or ranting about French bureaucract, the Paris blog is quite straightforward. While there is the flair and personal touch of the author, it is also quite useful with entries about events in Paris.

Paris Parfait
This is a blog that focuses on life in Paris with a political and activist slant. You'll find large and beautiful photographs of scenes from Paris and other locations.

Travel to France and More
This is a nice blog with an emphasis on traveling to France as a guest, not a tourist. There are some great insider tips here.

Parisian Spring
This is a fun-to-read blog written by an American who used to live in France. The emphasis is on Paris, but there is much posted about other areas of France as well as France in general.

French Word-a-Day Blog
More than just a word-a-day site, the author features short stories each day that use French words in their context. Each lesson is followed by the words and their meanings. This is a wonderful site to learn about both French language and French culture.

About French Language Blog
Laura Lawless is an amazing resource when it comes for French language, and learning at the least the essentials before visiting France is a must. She has been blogging about French language for many years, and she is currently an American expat living in the South of France.

David Lebovitz
This is another delightful blog for those swhoa re both francophiles and foodies. There is a strong emphasis on food, but also many references to food in Paris.

Occitan Artist at Large
This is a comprehensive blog covering food, travel, culture and museums in the South of France.

La Coquette Blog
This blogger's slogan provides an insight into the fun tone of the entries: "Don't hate me because I live in Paris!" This blog is light-hearted. It might be a little too 20-something-angsty at times, but it is a great glimpse at Paris through the eyes of an American girl who returned to her family's French roots by living in Paris' Latin Quarter.

Tour Johnny's Tour de France Travel Planner
There are so few resources (besides this site) on the travel side of the Tour de France, but this blog does a great job running down how to actually visit and follow the tour live and in person instead of watching it on TV.

Enjoying Paris Off and On the Beaten Path
This is a fun read featuring culinary posts about Paris.

The Harris Chronicles
This blog follows the life of a couple that relocated from Pacific Northwest to Paris.

The New Bordeaux
For wine aficionados, this is an intriguing blog featuring an insider view of the French Bordeaux wine scene. The blog's author, Jane Anson, is a wine and travel writer based in Bordeaux, France. She is a Bordeaux correspondent for decanter.com and wine educator for the Ecole du Vin Bordeaux wine school.

Chroniques d’une Fraise Nice Blog
A transplanted Oregon native talks about life in the lovely coastal city of Nice. She is a freelance writer, editor and translator who has lived there for five years. Her entries reveal much about the daily life of a Nicois, from simple trips to the market to interacting with the French.

Résidence Les Marronniers Provence Blog
While so many France blogs are focused on Paris, this one is focused exclusively on the enchanting Provence region. Find out about news from around the Cote d'Azur, as well as travel tips and ideas in the area.

L'Oiseau Blog
This British native has settled in Reims with her true frog love. She writes about life in this lovely area of France, as well as planning her wedding there.

Chocolate and Zucchini Blog
If you love food and you love France, indulge in subscribing to this feed. It's worth it for the scrumptious French food photos alone. But the blog provides much more in the way of playful insight into French cuisine and culture. The author, Clotilde, is a 20-something French foodie (although the blog is in English) who lives in Paris' Montmartre neighborhood.

Forty Days in Paris Blog
The entries are nice and fun to read, but this blog's best feature are the numerous photos. Some are artful, and some are just peeks at life in Paris.

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