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Wines - Selecting, Tasting, Enjoying and Learning About Wine
About.com's wine guide offers a user-friendly wine reference tool, full of wine recommendations and pricing, wine reviews, wine tasting tips, food pairings and  ...
Wine Basics - Wines - About.com
From selecting wines to try to learning how to taste them and pair them with favorite foods, Wine Basics on About.com has got what you are looking for!
Wine and Cheese Tastings - Wines - About.com
Wine and cheese go hand in hand – and for good reason, too! When experimenting with various wine and cheese combinations through a planned tasting, one ...
Types of Wine - Discover the Five Main Wines - About.com
Discover the various wine types by color and style and then take a peek at what specific grape varietals fill your glass. From red wine to rose, and sparkling to ...
Cooking with Wine Recipes - Home Cooking
Cooking with Wine Recipes. Wine can be used as a flavoring, as in wine jellies or in soups, stews, and reductions to add robust interest and thickening power to ...
Oak Component Wine Tasting (Steps Guide) - Wines - About.com
Oak and Wine: A Component Wine Tasting for Oak.
Thanksgiving Wine Pairings - Wines - About.com
A Thanksgiving Day wine pairing guide, offering top tips for pairing Turkey Day recipes with favorite wines from around the world.
Learn About Wine Legs or Tears of Wine - Chemistry - About.com
Updated November 23, 2014. What does it mean when a wine is said to have " legs" or someone refers to "tears of wine"? Wine legs or tears of wine are the ...
Host a Wine Tasting Party - Wines - About.com
A wine tasting party is a creative way to gather friends and family together to learn about wine and experiment with new or unusual varieties. Pairing wines with ...
Red Wine Basics - Wines - About.com
Take a look at popular red wine varietals, red wine pricing and recommendations , key red wine producing regions, appropriate red wine food pairing ideas, ...
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