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Wines - Selecting, Tasting, Enjoying and Learning About Wine
About.com's wine guide offers a user-friendly wine reference tool, full of wine recommendations and pricing, wine reviews, wine tasting tips, food pairings and  ...
Wine Doctor
web statistics. Wine Doctor. Products; Praise; About; Contact. Gentle and effective , even on the most delicate wine. Watch it ->. WE KEEP WINE FRESHNER.
How to Open a Bottle of Wine - Open Wine Video
Instructions for opening a bottle of wine using a wine key.
Vinegar: Making it from Wine - Italian Food - About.com
If you make wine (as oppesed to apple) vinegar, you can dispense with the apples and the press. You'll want good quality wine that's not too strong -- 10-11 % ...
Wine Legs - Chemistry - About.com
What does it mean when a wine is said to have "legs" or someone refers to "tears of wine"? Wine legs or tears of wine are the droplets that form in a ring on the ...
French Wines - About.com
For many, when they think of wine, they think of France. France has a long and fascinating heritage as the mother of all wine-producing countries. But how did ...
An Overview of White Wines - About.com
A look at the styles of white wines available, vintage pricing and recommendations, producing regions, appropriate food pairing ideas, storing and serving tips ...
Wine Basics - Wines - About.com
Understanding the basics of wine types, selections, storage and tasting will add new dimensions to your wine experience. A perfect introduction in choosing the ...
Cooking with Wine Recipes - Home Cooking
Cooking with Wine Recipes. Wine can be used as a flavoring, as in wine jellies or in soups, stews, and reductions to add robust interest and thickening power to ...
Calories in Wine, White, Dry | Nutrition and Health Facts
Curious about how many calories are in Wine? Get nutrition information and sign up for a free online diet program at CalorieCount.
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