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The French Diet: Why the French Are So Thin - France Travel
For more about the threats to the French way of life as it relates to food, I highly recommend reading, "A Goose in Toulouse," which is on my list of Top Books Set  ...
France History & Culture - History & Culture in France - France Travel
Find in-depth information on the cultural traditions that have shaped France's rich cultural tradition, and read about French etiquette and the French way of life.
C'est la vie - French Expression - French Language - About.com
C'est la vie is a way of acknowledging something less than ideal that has to be accepted because "that's just the way life is." - Il a perdu son boulot et sa maison  ...
Vivre - French Expressions - French Language - About.com
The French verb vivre literally means "to live" and is also used in many ... way of life la joie de vivre joy of life le savoir-vivre manners le vivre et le couvert
The French Lifestyle change - Calorie Count
I have compiled information from various places to form a diet that I believe very similar to that of the French. This is not a "diet", but a way of life; ...
French Proverbs - French Language - About.com
Spice up your language with some French proverbs. ... Life goes on. "One nail chases the other." En avril .... Where there's a will, there's a way. "To want, that is  ...
French Proverbs - Quotations - About.com
What sets the French apart from their European counterparts? What makes ... These French Proverbs Give You a Peek Into the French Way of Life. By Simran ...
I don't know when my love affair with France began - French Language
I spent a year at a provincial university and loved it, despite it taking approximately 3 months to adapt to the French way of life; I was so overwhelmed by the ...
└ la v˘tre - French Expression - French Language - About.com
Notes: The French expression Ó la v˘tre is the most common way to toast people. It's a contraction of Ó votre santÚ , hence the feminine definite article la in the ...
Only - Ne que - French Language - About.com
The simplest way to say "only" in French is with the adverb seulement , which can qualify a noun, ... Work isn't all there is; There's more [to life] than just work.
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