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C'est la vie - French Expression - About.com
C'est la vie is a way of acknowledging something less than ideal that has to be accepted because "that's just the way life is." - Il a perdu son boulot et sa maison  ...
Vivre - French Expressions - About.com
savoir vivre to know how to live (have a good life) or to know how to behave ... way of life la joie de vivre joy of life le savoir-vivre manners le vivre et le couvert
I don't know when my love affair with France began - Share Your ...
I spent a year at a provincial university and loved it, despite it taking approximately 3 months to adapt to the French way of life; I was so overwhelmed by the ...
Non-fiction about French and France - About.com
I've shared my favorite non-fiction books related to French and France, so tell me about yours! ... Very funny book about France and the French way of life.
French Words and Expressions in English - French - About.com
Adverb/Interjection - by the way, incidentally: "Apropos, what happened yesterday?" 4. Preposition (may ... Someone who lives well, who knows how to enjoy life.
French Proverbs - About.com
Spice up your language with some French proverbs. ... Life goes on. "One nail chases the other." En avril .... Where there's a will, there's a way. "To want, that is  ...
The French Lifestyle change - Calorie Count
I am about to embark on "The French Lifestyle Change". I have compiled information from various places to form a diet that I believe very similar ...
Synonyms for Très - Learn some different ways to say very in French
If you want to make your French sound more, well, French, one place to start is with ... Take a look at this lesson to learn some different ways to say "very," and be ...
Je suis plein - French Mistake - About.com
It's natural to want to say "je suis plein" to mean "I'm full," but in fact in France, it means "I'm pregnant" - and it's not a very nice way to say it, since être pleine is ...
À la vôtre - French Expression - About.com
Notes: The French expression à la vôtre is the most common way to toast people. It's a contraction of à votre santé , hence the feminine definite article la in the ...
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