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The Travel Budget Calculator allows you to enter your trip budget, including your spending money and all of your typical travel expenses, to determine if you have enough money for your next vacation. Before you plan your next trip to France, be sure you are prepared for all incidental expenses that could arise. Most of the expenses are totals (as in, the total expense for the entire trip), but the first five with an asterisk (*) are entered as daily expenses since these are items one tends to know as a per-day cost. If you find you have a shortage, you can either make plans to save more or look for places to cut expenses.

Travel Budget Calculator

Travel budget allowance
Total available now:
Total amount you will save for trip:
Travel expenses
* Accommodations:
* Car rental and related expendes like fuel and tolls:
* Local transportation like taxis and buses:
* Meals:
* Pet or child care expenses while away:
Trip insurance:
Organized tours:
Phone calls or cellphone rental and roaming costs:
Toiletries and medicine:
Passports and travel documents:
Postage for postcards or shipping goods home:
Currency exchange and other bank fees:
Camera expenses like film or getting images on CD:
Internet cafe or other Internet charges:
Luggage and accessories like locks:
Rail passes or train tickets:
Activity fees and rentals:
Other expenses:
Number of days:
The amount here is either the amount over or if negative the shortage:

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