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Top 10 Top Online French Stores


A mix of French Mazet chocolates from Dean and Deluca
Dean and Deluca
Even if you can't be in France, you can still find some of the nation's finest products through several online shops. Find out which ones offer the best French products and the best prices with these top picks.

1) Dean and Deluca

Dean and Deluca sells a wide range of French gourmet foods and items, such as unique cheeses from France, specialty chocolates from France and hard-to-find items like fleur de sel caramels. You can find French coffee cups, Laguiole knives and classic milk jugs. They also feature France gift baskets, including one with a Paris market finds theme.

2) About France for Visitors Cafe Press Shop

Show your support of all things French with some fun official About France for Visitors merchandise. You can get a bumper sticker declaring "France was right!" or t-shirts, mugs, onesies and aprons that state, "I *heart* Paris" or "I *heart* France." The heart is actually the colorful sculpture at Stravinsky Fountain in Paris. You can also find Christmas cards, custom stamps and ornaments with the Eiffel Tower decked out as a Christmas tree.

3) French Feast

Care for some cassoullet, lavender honey or breton gallettes? Could your cupboard use some goose fat or fleur de sel (sea salt)? This is a one-stop shop for almost everything used in cooking French cuisine. The site couldn't be more basic, as it is essentially a list of food items broken down by categories, then an order form. But who cares, when you can order from such a long list?

4) French Wine Club

There can be few gifts more welcome than having fine French wines delivered to the door each month. For $28 monthly, this California company ships out a selection of French wine. The club can be joined for a specific term (one month, three months, six months, a year or indefinitely) and you can choose between whites, reds or a mix of both.

5) Le Village Normand

I love the approach with this site. Based in Normandy, you can take a virtual visit to the village's bakery, butcher shop, grocery store or boutique. Click on each for a selection of items to buy, including everything from necklaces to macaroons and duck confit to sparkling Norman pear cider.

6) La Redoute

This isn't the finest, most sought-after French fashion, but it is definitely the most accessible outside the U.S. and is very affordable. Sign up to receive their catalog, and you will get it forever. This is a great site for finding French clothing, and is one of the rare places to get French fashions in plus sizes.

7) L'Occitane en Provence

This might be a chain store, but they provide a wonderful selection of French soaps, fragrances and other bath products. If you are like me and addicted to French soaps, this shop's site is perfect. I could spend all day (and all my money) buying bath products!

8) Laguiole Knives Store

Any well-stocked kitchen should have a French Laguiole knife, and this is the spot to find one. This shop engraves your name on the blade for free, and also sells Laguiole corkscrews, table cutlery and accessories.

9) Tour de France Store

Velogear.com's Tour de France store is a must-shop spot for the great race's official merchandise (like a route poster or polo short), posters, books and pro team apparel.

10) An International Style

An International Style's French products page isn't too fancy (every item is on one page that takes a while to load), but the selection is great. The hand-painted linens and fabrics are their best offerings.
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