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Thanksgiving In France

Celebrating Turkey Day Abroad


Celebrating Thanksgiving in France can be a bit of a challenge, since it is an American (or Canadian) holiday. But if you are an ex-pat living in France or will visit during that time, here are tips for indulging in turkey day.

  • It's no surprise by the name, but Thanksgiving American Market in Paris is a wonderful place to get your holiday food and decorations. You can order an uncooked or cooked turkey, as well as several trimmings (such as cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes). They also provide an extensive Thanksgiving catering menu.
  • There are also a couple other American shops in Paris worth a visit for supplies. The General Store is at 82 rue de Grenelle (01 45 48 63 16) or 30 rue Longchamp (01 47 55 41 14), and the country code for France is 033. The Real McCoy is at 194 rue de Grenelle (01 45 56 98 82) or 67 rue d'Argout (01 40 26 69 69).
  • If you are further south, the American Club of the Riviera holds a Thanksgiving lunch. For more information, visit 50 bd Victor Hugo in Nice or call 04 93 82 01 08.
  • Stars 'n Bars in Monaco also holds a Thanksgiving celebration.
  • In any city, look for an American-themed cafe or bar, and you will likely find some event on Thanksgiving. Also, any association or organization devoted to Americans living in France is sure to have suggestions.
  • Visit a message board devoted to ex-pats living in France, such as AngloInfo or France Property and Life.

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