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Mother's Day in France

Celebrate a Second Time with France's Fête des Mères


Think one Mother's Day a year simply isn't enough? Moms can get a second dose of attention by celebrating France's Fête des Mères on June 7. A French tradition that was inaugurated by Napoleon and made official in 1950, this day honoring mothers dates back to Ancient Greece and is found in several countries.

In France, the tradition calls for a variety of honors for mother. She might receive a gift from her children, or the children might let mom (or mère) relax, and, as all things in France, it usually culminates in a large dinner in mom's honor. These dinners are usually a major family affair.

The main thrust is that this is a day when, much like in America, mothers do not work and their families cater to their whims. Mothers here also usually get cards and flowers. Sometimes children write short poems for mom.

Why not offer your mom a chance for two Mother's Days in a year. She doesn't need to get another full-blown Mother's Day, but perhaps moms can get a nice dinner or even a poem. Just in the interests of exploring other cultures and customs, of course.

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